Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

I don't think I could have asked for a sweeter pose from the girls!
Abbey, 3rd grader, Natalie, Kindergardner

Today was the first day of school!
Natalie was super excited...Abbey was excited to see her friends, but was going to miss the horses and the dogs!! I had to beg Natalie to take her to school today. She is ready to ride the bus! We are heading out to Dallas after school tomorrow! And yes I teared up, but it didn't fall. Only Zachery, Emalie and I...oh what is a mom to do with only 1/2 her kids at home?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weekends are always funner with Dad!

All summer long the kids have asked me for a little pool for the back yard. And everytime they do my answer is the same...NO...NO...NO...NO...NO...NO..etc...
So they ask Daddy a couple weeks ago if they can have a pool.."we wil just go LOOK"....

LOOK....what they found...a pool for the backyard. If you don't succeed, try, try, try again.

We have been busy keeping the kids busy on weekends that Jeremey is free...
Here we took the kids down to the Ponderosa to fish. Someone asked how many fish did you catch. I told them we took 4 kids and 2 dogs...NO FISH!

There is no better view of the world than atop Daddy's shoulders!

My very own "Little House on the Prairie" Moment. Natalie, Max and Abbey

Daddy giving Little E fishing lessons!

That's okay daddy, we will just wade in a LITTLE BIT...

You know what's coming next don't you?

Clothes on the dock...

Kids in the water!

Daddy you forgot about me!

Wranglers and Cowgirl boots!

Fabulous PURPLE boots...I wonder who they belong to?

Then one Sunday we took the kids to play golf at the Anthony Golf Course.

Emalie keeping a good eye on the ball.

Nice follow through Abbey!

Natalie's favorite job was holding the flag! And she does it so well!

Look out Tiger ..Z man is coming!

Daddy and the Little ones in our tribe. They were very excited to learn that if they were on the golf course they HAD TO PLAY GOLF!!!! I don't think Jeremey will ever get to play golf by himself again. They all had a great time!

The same day we went to the Ponderosa we also went down to Bluff Creek just behind our house. It was such a fun time and very relaxing!

Zachery playing on the banks of the Sand Creek.

The girls playing in the water.

Emalie and her (dead) fish...we didn't tell her it was dead. She was just happy that it didn't jump out of her hand so that she could pet it.

Just chillin'

Daddy Taking the kids exploring. We had a great time at the creek behind our house.

Jeremey is NOT a homebody to say the least. He likes to GO GO GO!! And the kids just LOVE it, because he makes sure that "the weekends are always funner with Dad"