Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eli Ray Aldridge

Here he is.

My Little Sister is Bigger than ME!

I have had all 4 kids with an Epidural~always wanted to try it w/o drugs....but who am I kidding? Having a baby HURTS!!!!!!!!!! Just ask my little sister Julie!!!!
Elijah (Eli) Ray Aldridge was born this morning at 2:49. He was 6lbs 9oz and 20 inches long!
They were on there way to the hospital at 12:45, so he came quick!!
I will post pictures when I can.
I asked the new mom if she is still in pain, and she said "oh no, as soon as he came out I didn't hurt anymore" She is a Bigger Woman than ME!!
I love you Julie and can't wait to meet him!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A series of pictures

Series No. 1: How to jump off a car (aka I am a boy) As told by Zachery.
First you find your sister's barbie car. The one that has never been jumped off by A GIRL.
Step over the steering wheel and stand on the hood.

Take a big leap while laughing.

Land safely on the ground. Thanks in part to Mom's silent prayers and my skill.

Series No. 2: I am a big kid too as told by Emalie.

Those big kids think they know everything. They walk by this toy everyday push the red button and listen to the music play and watch this red arm swing. Well I have been paying very close attention to you guys and guess what? I am a big kid too!

See here is the red button.

All you do is push the button and boom, music is playing and the arm is swinging.

Look...I can even reach it. I told you I was a big kid!

Series No. 3: How to react to boys, as shown by Riley. It is OK if a boy wants to stand close to you and put his arm around you.

It is even OK for a boy to give you a hug.

But the's OK but....I know just how to handle this.

EWWWWWW.....Boy germs!

I will deny it if he asks!

Jeremey can't stand the stained carpet in the living room. I love carpet in the living room. He wanted tile so bad he could taste it. I wanted carpet in there so bad I could taste it. Our good friend Brent and Mike came up last Tuesday. This is what they did: They tore up the carpet in the living room. See thebeautiftul (termite eaten, from years ago) hard wood floors. oh so pretty...but there is no carpet!
Then they laid down this beautiful tile that is carried on from the dining room. I really do love it. But...I will deny it if he asks!

I did get a big new area all is well at This Graves Family house!

The big kids

Isn't is sweet when you can catch some sisterly love? Natalie and Zachery settled in to watch a movie and she just so tenderly draped her arm around him! It was so precious! To continue Natalie's birthday celebration the kids got to take a "big bath" I was bathing Emalie in the small tub and just heard a lot of laughter from our bathroom. I usually do when its Jeremey giving baths or showers. He by far is the "fun one". In fact Abbey told him this week that they like "you best" except when we are in trouble then "we like mom better". She is 7, can she really learn that this early in life? But I digress....When I went to load picts on the computer, I found these. Jeremey got the camera to take picts. I am so happy that he thought of me and shared them!
Natalie as "Santa"

Abbey as "someone famous with a goatee" I can't think of his name right now.

Zachery trying hard to grow his first facial hairs.

Natalie's birthday

We had such a great time celebrating Natalie's birthday on Sunday. She really enjoyed that is was drawn out over a couple of days. I just can't get over that she is 5 already.
This is the thank you card I made on CM Storybook Plus.

Natalie and her HS Musical cake.
Nana and Papa gave her an American Girl doll named Emily.

Abbey and Natalie inspecting the loot!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Today our Natalie turns 5-I can't believe it happened so quickly! This morning I woke her up saying "Happy Birthday" and she just said how she didn't want to go to school. At the breakfast table she was eating, stopped and shouted "Today, I'm 5" It just made me laugh!!! After cupcakes at preschool we went to eat lunch with Daddy!
Happy Birthday Natalie~We love you! Natalie at our house.

Natalie at Aunt B and Uncle Dick's house. This is one of my favorite picts of her.

Natalie and her 1st birthday cake.

Natalie's 2nd birthday.

Celebrating her 3rd birthday at preschool.

Celebrating her 4th birthday at preschool.

Today we celebrated her 5th birthday at preschool. I don't know of many kids that get to have 3 years of parties at the same preschool.

Natalie got a cookbook for Christmas last year with an adorable Princess cake on the cover. She would tell me she wanted a High School Musical cake, then it would be a Camp Rock cake, then she would switch to this Princess cake. She decided on HS Musical. Then on Tuesday she said she really wanted this Princess cake. Well dear, your cake is going to be a HS Musical cake I am sorry. In steps Sue to save the day. She wanted to do something special for Natalie and she DID!! Sue made the cake last night, delivered it to us, and she just LOVED the cake! Her and Zachery practiced feeding it to each other so I am glad we got this picture taken!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevor

Today is my nephew Trevor's birthday! It doesn't seem possible that he is now a SR! We love you and hope you have an awesome day! Trevor and Natalie Easter 2004

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Miss Emalie is learning new things all the time. Yesterday we were playing outside, she was in the princess car and I asked her if she wanted out. She grinned and shook her head no. I asked her again just to make sure I really saw that and she did it again. Then this morning she decided to use the phrase uh-uh. That's what the video is. AND she can use it in the proper context! The other adorable thing she did today: she was reaching for a cup of water she got told ah-ah, very nicely I might add, and she laid her head down on the couch AND CRIED! It absolutely broke her heart!

Other out of the mouths of babes:

We were loading kids in the car to enroll Natalie in preschool. She asked where we were going. I said "we are going to enroll you in preschool." She looked at me so funny and asked "what are you going to roll me up in?" I just laughed!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Julie

Friday September 5th, was my Shadow's birthday. I packed Thursday and drove on Friday to Manhattan so I didn't get her birthday post done. She did however get to listen to me sing Happy Birthday to her so I am sure that made her day! Happy Birthday Julie! I love you!
You the BEST SISTER EVER! Emalie, Me, Julie and Trinity this summer.

Aunt Julie and Zachery!

Shadow and Me at Justin's wedding.

Julie, Abbey and Natalie at her house in Weskan.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Amber

Today September 9th is also Amber's birthday! Happy Birthday Amber! Thanks for hosting the hodamuses and I at your house this weekend! We had a fun time! It's the Birthday Princess

Zachery and Amber

Checking out the airplane with the kiddos

Amber and Natalie on moving day!

Happy Birthday Uncle Bill

Today, September 9th is a birthday day! It is also the 1st anniversary of Emalie's baptism.
Uncle Bill and Aunt Jannette admiring Miss Emalie AnnThe day Emalie was born.

Waving a friendly hello at the Pumpkin Patch. Can't wait til next month!

Happy Birthday Uncle Bill-
I am always looking for someplace closer so you can move!
I love you. I hope you have an great day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's that in the air?

Did you feel that? Did you smell it? Did you hear it?
It was just a hint...a gesture...a taste....I know it won't last long, but its coming...its coming....
The last two days have just been glorious, temps in the 60's and 70's. I do know that summer will make its joyous return for bit long this month...but its coming!!!
I love fall! Long sleeves, jeans, boots, jackets....fires, hot cocco....the crisp windows...pretty leaves...pumpkins....then it leads to Thanksgiving...Christmas..New Years...and all that involves family and friends...oh i just love it!
Fall I am ready for you to get here!

Natalie's first day of school

Today was Natalie's last first day of preschool. She wasn't so happy to be getting up for the morning but she had a good time. She said she was the biggest in the class. And was happy about that. She said she was even excited to go back again."Natalie, really look like you are happy to be here...please smile...for mommy?"
This is as good as it gets this year. You really should double click on it to make it big so you can see her expression!

This was Natalie's last year picture!

My green thumb

I have a green its not because of the beautiful 4 kids that I have "grown" but thanks!
I have a green thumb truly by accident. Last year at some point a tomato went bad in my fridge. I walked through the sun porch, opened the door and casually tossed in into the weed bed next to the steps. This spring a funny plant started to grow...and grow...and grow. Then it made little yellow flowers. On Monday I took a picture of the 2 littles next to my accidental tomato plant. By the way aren't brother and sister cute? Well anyway since the plant was an accident I didn't expect the flowers to make anything... but guess what?
I have accidentally grew tomatos. And not just 1, so far I have counted 5! I am now offically calling myself a gardener! (with a green thumb!)

Jeremey and his son

Jeremey loves all of his children. Would do anything for them. And he really loves being a daddy to 3 of the cutest girls you will ever lay your eyes on. BUT...he is very excited to be a daddy to the cutest boy you will every lay your eyes on too. Jeremey and Zachery BOTH love going to the farm. Zachery is all about tractors. Well on Monday while the big girls were at the lake with Nana and Papa, Zachery got to spend some time on the tractor. They were both thrilled. I think Jeremey has been anxiously awaiting some real father/son bonding time on the tractor. Zachery even got to go potty of the steps. He thought that was pretty cool.
Daddy and Zachery heading to the field.
Zachery buckled up. Jeremey was looking at getting another tractor this year. Want to know what the MUST HAVE was: a buddy seat for the kids!
I performed farm wife duties by moving tractors, hooking up plows, bringing food etc...well Jeremey was in road gear following us and I asked Zachery if he was going fast or slow. He smiled and said "Daddy's going bunny." There's a bunny picture on the throttle for fast, and there is a turtle for slow. Now that is one pretty smart 2 year old!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Videos of Emalie

Emalie pushing a stroller and swinging and "talking"

Let's play catch up

I promise I am still here....just been a bit busy doing nothing I think...I don't even remember! The kids are all healthy and growing well. Abbey likes 2nd grade, even if there aren't as many crafts. She has a really good teacher which I am very grateful for.
Emalie is following in her siblings footsteps, she loves apples too!

Papa is swinging Natalie. This is one of the kids' favorite thing to do with Papa.

Papa and Emalie chillin'

Emalie learning just how good cherry limeades are-she didn't want to put down the cup. See the green cup of milk? She didn't want anything to do with the milk!

Baby Cole came to visit us this month. I just love his cheeks!

And he brought big sister Joslyn and big brother Blay.

Zachery was so tired he fell asleep watching a movie.

Sue's school craft was donuts for D...the best part was the sprinkles!

More sprinkles!