Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello? Hello?

I am so ashamed!  It has been 11 months since I blogged here.  How is that possible?  Oh wait...4 kids and Jeremey.  Never mind I am busy!  I see all these great blogs and want to have mine be just as awesome, but I realize that other women do that as there "job" since they may have 4 kids, no one certainly has Jeremey who keeps me more than busy.  The Trucking Blog  keeps me really busy and somehow I end up posting on HIS blog more than mine.  Oh and then there is this little thing called PINTEREST  If you have not signed up for me and I will send you an invitation.  It's free and ADDICTIVE.  Even more so that Facebook!!!!  And then there is that little project we started on the house...Lots of decisions that I feel rushed to make.  But come March (I hope) it will all be done!
And as of this morning I finally had found a quick way to add picts from iPhoto to my blog.  I know that Apple was smart enough to do it...I just had to find the right way!  So hopefully now there will be more picts of the family here!  I have missed being here!
Love and Prayers to you all,

' PS  I have gone Mac and never going BACK!

 Jeremey busy as always is so busy we are investing in child labor!  Z is helping him by driving a semi!

 Emalie is driving in the pasture checking cows!  

And Abbey, Natalie and Zachery are making sure that cattle eat the hay!  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year!

We are back from vacation in Mexico. It was a good time and I will post some pictures soon!