Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A big event always takes place at Mimi and Papa's house. Gathering eggs. If they know the kids are coming Mimi and Papa always wait so the kids can help them collect! They are getting at least a dozen eggs a day! Abbey brought an assistant with her to gather eggs. Her baby doll just had to experience it too.

And Zachery was so proud of each and every one he pulled out of the nest!

Just Hangin Out

Before it started freezing we took advantage of the crisp fall air. It is just lovely, and as a bonus of the wet summer my grass is still green in October!
Emalie could not wait until she could be in the Barbie car by herself to push buttons.

Abbey demonstrating how to do a wheelie!

...and you end like this!

Mommy and Emalie.

Isn't he such a cute little man?

Even though it was only 65 out, Ms. Natalie was insistent that it was warm enough for swimwear!
Abbey and her new baby.


Mom, I always see you doing one of these things. Why don't you let me give it a whirl.

Okay, so you just look at the clues and make little letters.
Cutest 14 month old around? E M A L I E

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Smores

It was a bit cool last Tuesday night so the kids asked Daddy if they could make Smores. And of course he said yes! They have such a fun dad!
The Ingredients

The Fire

The Cheerleader

The 1st

The 2nd

The 3rd-He is so excited to eat it!

At Last

Friday, October 17, 2008

What I should be doing

What I should be doing while Emalie is sleeping and the kids are playing outside. It's 70 out! Love the beautiful weather. The girls and I played outside after lunch while Daddy and Zachery bonded at Farmer's Oil. Daddy and the big girls bonded this morning and then ate lunch together. I must say that Jeremey is a pretty cool Dad! Not too mention pretty cute! AUUGGH my children will say when they read this post in the years to come! But I regress....
What I should be doing: making 8 piecrusts for Wakita's Turkey Dinner on the 2nd of November, taking CM inventory, bringing my CM quickbooks up to date. Doing bank paperwork, cleaning the house, folding clothes, picking up toys.
BUt instead I am taking a moment to blog. I had one picture that I was waiting to post when I just had a minute so here it is. I got this necklace a couple months ago from a company called Birth Designs. I have created a name for Jeremy and the kids: janze. Went all out with tshirts, license plates and now jewelry. janze stands for: Jeremey Abbey Natalie Zachery Emalie. I just think that is so clever!!
Okay, now I have to go fold laundry. Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Julie

In my slow but steady life October 1st passed me by without a post. Why is this day important you ask? Well it is the day that Julie Renae came into this world...in a car! So 10 days late I post for your birthday. Aunt Nae we hope you had a great day. We Love You! Jeremey's little sister Julie and Abbey

Aunt Nae and Natalie at Disney World in 04

Julie and Riley...This is one of my favorite pics!

See Riley...you quack like a duck...just like this!

Aunt Nae and Baby Emalie

Thursday, October 9, 2008

These Graves Kids

I just can't get enough of these shirts. I just love them. Last Saturday was Anthony's Octoberfest and we went into town to watch Karson's piano recital. She did a great job! Then we strolled around town, admittedly to show off the kids in their awesome shirts. Then ate lunch at McD's with Aunt Karen and Audrey. My kids were thrilled b/c that is such a treat to actually eat INSIDE the restaraunt. Back to our house to show off Max and play some more with Audrey. It was a great day! What a pretty bow! It matches your shirt so well!

Mom your accidental tomato plant is HUGE!

Natalie, Max, Abbey, Zachery and Emalie

Zachery's newest pose if you can call it that is to put his hands on his hips. He does it so often and it is just so cute. He does it when he's upset, or proud of himself...he will do something for Emalie and stand like this in front of me so that I can see what he did. It's so CUTE.

Abbey and Max. We know that Max is Natalie's dog...but Abbey IS our animal lover!

Hopefully it won't take as long to blog next time. I even have a picture just waiting to be put ont he blog when I just have 3 minutes to spare...but I haven't even done that. Heck I haven't even been on the computer at night to IM with Sue. That means I really don't have spare time!!! BTW Sue, hurry back! Nana we miss you like crazy. We drove down LL and G and Zachery said, Nana's road, go to Nana's house! Hurry back! And stay a while!!!!

Recent pictures

It has been a calm but steadily busy 3 weeks at our house. Both girls are enrolled in dance and Natalie is in gymnastics. That takes up our Mondays after school. Abbey does eye improvement lessons MWF after school so my calendar (and role of taxi drive) is full.
Jeremey started planting wheat on the 1st, but was rained out on the 6th. They got back in the field yesterday and barring any more rain they should be done by the 19th. Our weekends are filling up so quickly as the holidays approach. We are even starting to make Christmas plans!
Zachery diggin inside the house outside. We have had this pop up house since Abbey was little and they all love it. Even Max!

Emalie has just BARELY enough hair for a pot knot on the top of her head. It didn't stay in very long. She worked on it until she pulled it out. And she is a full time walker now.

Here I come mom!
October is Fire Safety month. The fire dept. came to preschool yesterday to talk to the kids. Any questions about fire, just ask Natalie she will tell you. She even has book to show you what she knows! The kids get asked questions at preshcool and this week they asked what to do in a fire. Our Natalie said, "stop, drop and roll and then call Farmer's Oil" I guess she wants to make sure Daddy knows too! Zachery, Natalie and I rode the fire trucks around town too.

Emalie was not afraid of the firemen. She was more afraid of the preschoolers trying to mother her. I guess she thought the firemen would give her some space!

Meet Max

Jeremey bought a corgie puppy for Natalie's birthday. She named him Max. He fits into our family very well.
Pet count at This Graves Family
4 dogs: Hank, Molly, Blackjack and Max
6 cats: Katrina, Cars, Elizabeth, Samantha, Grey, Sofie
3 horses: Stormy, Rojo, Jetta Dawn