Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Zachery: "Where's my damn milk?"
Mom: Excuse me what did you say?
Zachery: "Where's my damn milk? "

Jeremey and I were discussing the future for are kids. I said Zachery could be a farmer and single and live with us. He said if Zachery isn't going to have kids he expects him to be a priest!
Natalie chimes in, as always with an attitude and hands on hips: "You know I'm not going to be a nun."
Mom: Oh really?
Natalie: "hello? Jonathon expects me to marry him!!!!"

Potty training is going very good with Zachery. Sometimes it's a little to easy for him. For instance. He will just open the door and pee on the porch. OR in the corner of the garage just before loading up! And least it wasn't at the kitchen table again an empty milk bottle from McDonalds. Progress!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Have You???

Thanked You Mom today?

Become addicted to blogging? Yes, Yes I have!

Thought about what technology is doing to the future?
I saw these three cartoons in last weeks Wichita Eagle while I was doing the crosswords. (its one of my relaxing moment when I can find it) This week I happened to have the chance to work on it while rescuing cats from under the deck, two days in a row. Two boards, two days. If I was going to get to weld a hammer I wish I could have at have at least built something! Okay back to the cartoons. I saw these and it made me laugh out and I immediately wanted to share them!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

Look what I got for Valentine's Day. It's my first piece of chrome!!!! Jeremey crafted the vase by attaching two pieces of chrome tire covers and attaching Peterbuilt logos to it. He then took it to the flower shop and gave it to them. "What are we supposed to do with this?" Jeremey told them to fill it with flowers! Did they ever. I was so shocked to see it when I walked in my front door. HE DID GOOD! AND I got a card with a handwritten note!

The girls had Valentine's Day parties at their schools. In the morning I had put treat bags in Abbey's bag and told her to pass them out at party time
(insert very whiny voice from Abbey) "You aren't coming to my party today? oh please I want you there"
Mom dumbfounded "No honey I wasn't planning on coming"
whiny voice from Natalie with a bit more volume "You aren't coming to my Valentine's day party??? But I want to come to my party!!!!"
Mom (how could I ever dream of missing a class party) "Yes I will be at both of your parties"

Miss Abbey at her Valentine's day party.

Miss Natalie and Miss Connie at Valentine's party.

They were both very happy to see me at their parties. That night all 4 were on a sugar high. Who am I kidding? They snuck candy until they had it all eaten by Sunday night!

Miss Emalie and Abbey enjoying a treat.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremey

Yesterday was Jeremey's Birthday! Sorry I didn't get it posted. We Love You Daddy!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Bucket List

Introducing...Bucket List
Jeremey has a list: I haven't seen all of the list, but he watched the movie "The Bucket List" and decided that he too should have a list. No he does not have an illiness just thought he should start his list. The first thing he got from his list is a 379 Legacy Peterbuilt. He named her "Bucket List" and let me tell you she is a beauty. It was very hard for ME to leave her in KY. But she has to be there there to get ready for the Louisville Truck Show in March.

My Trucker

This is the picture from my phone. Double click and it should go bigger.
It's amazing all the bells and whistle on her. 3 TV screens, the big fender in the front lifts up when you drive so it doesn't hit things. The tool box and hood are on lifts. The stacks are ginormous. It has an awesome stereo system. Two shifters. Custom seats, painted floor boards. IT'S AWESOME!!! I too fell in love!

The Trucker and His Woman

The Chrome Shop Mafia customized the truck for the man we bought the truck from.

I thought that this was so nice of Jeremey to put on the truck. I heard him tell somebody what it meant and that he put it there because "all this is for them"

Inside of the truck~Its SWEET!

Digger, Byran from Chrome Shop Mafia, Jeremey and Zachery

Digger and Jeremey and Digger's truck and trailer that he pulls now.

Digger will be driving "Bucket List" after the truck show.

Miking Digger up for his interview for Modern Marvels. It should air in 4-5 months. They talked to Digger for about 2 hours and even rode with him.

Flurry of Activity

Monday Jeremey and Zachery drove the new truck to Joplin. Drove to Grand Lake with Papa and spent the night. Tuesday morning got up early and went back to Joplin to watch a show called Modern Marvels film the "Bucket List" and Diggers truck he drives now. I fly to Joplin Tuesday afternoon. Talked to Zachery in the airport and loved on him a little bit. Then Papa and Zachery flew back home. Jeremey and I went back to 4 State trucks a.k.a. The Chrome Shop Mafia and watched more filming. When they were done Jeremey and I ate supper and I officially began trucking at 7:15. I crawled back in the cab about midnight. When I woke up at 3:15 we were in Evansville, IN. We slept in the truck til about 9 then headed to Owensboro, KY. Had the paint guys look at the truck and we talked about paint schemes. Found out our ride home was screwed up and then proceeded to find a way back home. Ate lunch, drove the truck to Lewisport, KY. More truck discussion. Went to Tell City to eat supper, Clay arrived in Owensboro about 10:30 Wednesday night. Went to get a hotel room THEY WERE SOLD OUT IN 3 DIFFERENT CITIES!!!!! Because of the bad ice storm they had last week. So we started to fly home. At 1:45 this morning we landed in Springfield, MO. Got to our rooms and were asleep by 3 AM!!! Checked out of our hotel by noon, lunch plane ride home. Arrived in Anthony about 3:15. So happy to be home. I told Jeremey that it is pretty sad that most of our one-on-one time, nobody but us time, can talk about anything we want to without interuption time, quiet time to bond~was spent asleep!

You know what they say if you want to see God laugh, just tell him YOUR plans. I was reminded once again that HE is in charge. And I went with it and survived. But not without 1 or 2 little meltdowns! We are both happy to be home. Missed the kids. Thanks to Nana, Papa and Sue for taking such good care of them, especially when 1/2 of them were sick!

New hats

Our house has been a whirlwind of activity lately. Last Wednesday Jeremey bought a new semi. Thursday Abbey and Natalie went with Papa Larry, Uncle Dick and Daddy down to Little Rock to pick it up. Before they left Uncle Dick gave all the kids new hats! Zachery and Emalie stayed home with me and we went and got pictures taken Friday. Then we met Daddy and the girls half way home from Wichita and swaped out kids so Zachery could ride in the truck. Saturday was busy getting lettering done on the truck and washed and polished so that it could go to Joplin on Monday. More on that later!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Bucket List

We are trucking! Made it to KY! The truck is getting ready to be painted. Picts when we get home.