Friday, May 29, 2009

Bucket List website

Bucket List officially has a website! Don't know how often it will get updated, but at least it has links to Farmer's Oil homepage and a cute picture of the hubby!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Odds and Ends in May

Dad was here for lunch, Emalie was fussy and walked over to him. He picked her up and within 3 minutes she was asleep!

The Girls had their first dance competition in Wichita..they both did great!

Zachery got to see the basket of the hot air balloon during Balloon Fest, Pam (from CM) and the POW balloons showed him what the balloons looked like on her shirt.

Sometimes a girl can't have enough babies!

The Bucket List rolled back into Anthony to get cleaned up for it 2nd truck show. It got first place! The kids LOVE to go see the truck whenever it is in town!!

Natalie ready to take driving lessons.

Abbey and Emalie making themselves at home in the sleeper.

They all love this cargo door!

A MAN among MEN!!!! Uncle Aaron, Zachery, Jeremey and John Logan.

I am famous! Made the Dillons flyer. (and radio spot and commercial)!

I didn't know there were so many things to do in MAY

Jeremey had the 1st weekend off in May and for ONCE since last NOVEMBER!!! we didn't have anything to do, no place to be sooo....we left!!! Jeremey is NOT a homebody and likes to be on the MOVE!!!! On Saturday we loaded up the kids and drove to the Alabaster Caverns then on Sunday we went to the Salt Plains after church. We really liked Oklahoma that weekend!Jeremey and his little diggers! We came home with LOTS of salt crystals. It had rained quite a bit so it was easy to get to them.
Emalie and her bucket full. It was really windy there suprisingly so.

Love this picture of Jeremey and the kids!

On the way back from the Caverns we stopped at the free water well and each kid got to drink!

It was a super weekend full of travel and spontaneity! Which we all know is NOT one of my strong suits but I did survive, had fun and got to take lots of pictures!


The girls and I had a fashion show right after Easter. Zman was supposed to be in it too, but the a couple does before the flu went around our house. He got it that afternoon so he slept right through his modeling debate with Daddy in the car!!!

Abbey, Natalie and Emalie~what a poseAbbey and Natalie

Mamma and her girls. Emalie doesn't have a matching dress in this picture but thankfully we found one soon after to buy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

We made a trip to Alco today in search of flip flops for the kids. We got them bought, out the door and in the car. I asked the girls to buckle. They were looking a a spider and squealing. I told them, get buckled. After finishing buckling the little kids I looked back and they were still not buckled. I then waited for them to finally get buckled and really calmly I just said that since they cannot listen to me they can't get their shoes until they get home. Well Miss Diva/Drama Queen Natalie piped up and then they didn't to get their shoes until AFTER Daddy got home. And she had to tell her Daddy what she said.

When Jeremey came home she ran out to him and said, "Don't spank me when I tell you this but,
I meant to tell mom that I love her, but it came out as "I am going to call Dad and tell him to spank your ass."

It happened tonight and was just to funny not to share right away.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ice Cream

Grandpa and Grandma Brown had an ice cream truck once upon a time. And I found it very fitting that as we gathered at Donna's house after his funeral we heard the familiar tune guessed it an ice cream truck! The kids just loved it. Marsha and Blay and Joslyn tracked it down and after what seemed like an hour, the ice cream truck arrived!

You scream, I scream, we all scram for ICE CREAM!!!

Riley, Uncle Aaron and Ally
Jona and Cole
Emalie reaching for hers
Abbey and a spoonful
Zachery wants to know what Riley's tastes like, and Natalie is there to supervise.
The "old guys" on the porch passed up ice cream. Uncle Bill, Larry with Cade and Aunt Nae
The little kids got to go first....
Then the big kids got a turn.
Emalie really enjoyed her ice cream sandwich until she rolled off the porch and banged her head and lost her sandwich.

Grandpa Brown

Shortly after Easter on April 17th, Grandpa Brown left this world to be in a much better place with Grandma Brown. We are so sad that he is no longer with us, but celebrate and are happy that Grandpa and Grandma are finally reunited. We will miss him SO MUCH!!!

Grandpa Brown on his day of retirement from Farmer's Oil!

Grandpa and the kiddos at Christmas time.

My little Boy Scout...Jeremey with Grandma and Grandpa

Abbey and Grandpa...I really love this picture. Grandpa just loved us SO MUCH!!! He was always so happy to see us and we loved his company. My favorite memory of him is just this last winter the kids and I were going to Subway to eat lunch. I just called him up, asked him if he had his shoes on, he said yes, and I asked if he had eaten any supper, he said no, and I told him we would be by in just a few minutes to pick him up! He was such a good sport about it, and I loved just watching him interact with the kids that night. I did call the girls to let them know we took him to supper, because a few weeks before that we went for a pop and a drive and Grandpa and I didn't let anyone know, and they were looking for him!!!

Two days after his funeral I went up to Abbey's room and found this taped to her bed. It is a letter that she wrote to Grandpa. What a heart that kid has! Fair warning Brown family~get a kleenex!

It reads:
Bill Brown was a great guy. He was there for me. I love you Bill Brown you are in my heart Bill Brown. I know you can see Jesus. I know you can have a new home. You can be happy too. I will miss you Bill Brown.

I don't thin an adult could have said it better!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Out with the OLD in with the NEW!!

Meet the Magic Chef stove. We had it when we moved in 11 years ago. You could cook on high on the burners, and then turn it way down low afterwards. Not much in between. One year ago the knob that turns off the oven broke off so I turned it off by sticking a pen into the hole. Two weeks ago the knob that set the oven temp broke off. I decided that I had enough!

Open hole...insert...
a new stove!!! Oven works, burners work (even in between like Med-heat), it has no knobs to break and a lock out feature. I love it. Just need a new kitchen to go around the great new stove!

Easter 2009 #2

Uncle Justy and Zachery were accidentally twins! How adorable will he be with a son of his own? (HINT HINT)((GET BUSY))!!

Audrey taking her turn at the egg pinata!

Pinata Pandemonium!

Karson Kay and Emalie
Rylan with a basket full of eggs!

Our annual Easter picture with the kids before the hunt. Not sure if I can use it for the invite card next year!

Our Easter egg hunt got rained out so we hunted eggs in the roundtop like any good redneck family should do!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Easter 2009

I know how late this post is. But I am posting in order. We have LOTS to cover!
We celebrated Easter early at Nana's house with LOTS of goodies and a money egg hunt. The kids went to Alco the next week and spent their findings!!
Zachery our candy man LOVED his cotton candy. I don't think he could get a big enough bite!

Modeling the 2009 swimsuit is Abbey. Isn't she adorable!! And so big. I just can't get over it.

Then Daddy and the kids hopped into the hot tub. What a way to break in the swimsuits!

Here is Miss Natalie in her aqua blue two piece! I wish I looked that cute in a 2 piece!