Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Abbey in April

Abbey and Charlie, one of Mimi and Papa's new puppies. She loved being out there with them.

How would have Papa ever got the dog pen enlarged if Abbey hadn't been there to hold up the fence! She was a very good helper. I can't believe she is getting so big!

Our little Munchkin! Abbey's play was so cute, and I do think she was the best dressed munchkin there. Thank you Nana! Didn't she do a great job on her costume? AND she did it the night before the concert in about an hour. The woman's got talent! For those who weren't able to make it, we do have a dvd of her performance. It has Lanie on there too.

Our soccer player. By the second game, Abbey was done with soccer. She didn't want to practice, didn't want to go to the games. I told her this was the last game, then I find out they needed to play a make up game. Then I told her she was done. Today I got a phone call that the tournament is Saturday. I thought she was going to flip. She told me she would play just ONE more game, BUT that was IT!!!! Don't expect soccer picts next year from Abbey.

Natalie in April

Natalie and Small Sam, Mimi and Papa's new puppy.

Getting up close and personal with my second born.

By now I should never be suprised what comes out of the mouths of babes. We are at the lake and I have my camera out. Natalie looks at me and says "Ok Mom, you can take my picture." I look up and see her POSED by the tree!!!! She just cracks me up! The foot is up and everything. She did the same pose at Mimi and Papa's in the doorframe of the puppies shed.

And just to make sure that I am watching, and extra little "kick" coming off the slipper slide! And she is also very proud of this shirt too. "I may be small, but I am still the boss." She tries not to let us forget it either.

Zachery in April

Love this picture taken of Zachery in the wheat around Mimi and Papa's house. He heard the train and was trying to get even closer. He loves the trains and tells you every time he hears one go by. Hi choo choo!
Just in case you forgot what his cheesy smile looks like!! Oh he just makes me laugh!!! We are playing at the Anthony Lake Park. The Graves Fam spent 3 hours there. Riding bikes, strolling kids, playing, walking, just enjoying each other's company. It was a great day.
Cheese! This was the first time this spring we got to wear shorts!!!

At mimi and papa's Zachery likes to run. This time he found something to chase!

Emalie in April

Does she look cute in a hat or what? Sue told me that she has never seen a baby get so excited to see their Mama, then when this precious child looks at me. It melted my heart! It is very hard to walk out the door for any reason with taking the kids with me!
Miss E LOVES to swing!!
Fun with Mimi
Oh Dad, I really think you need a plane THIS BIG!

More of April

I feel like Ihave been such a slacker blogger!!! How can it be that 2 weeks have gone by without anything new posted....Wait let me see, Abbey, Natalie, Zachery and Emalie. Oh those are very good reasons! You will read this in reverse order sorry, but my brain is not functioning at its peak right now. The lack of sleep does funny things to your mind, very scary!! April has been very busy. We have had soccer games, practices, music concerts, I hosted National Scrapbook Day with another consultant in town, Jeremey has been flying all around the country, FL, TX, KY, back to TX. It is always glad to have him home! Getting ready for 2 zoo trips in 2 days. Oh, and it has been SO NICE here that we have been spending a lot of time OUTSIDE!! Two cheers for spring! Zachery pushing his airplane, look, GREEN grass (weeds). Dad, someday I will have real grass, not just the stuff that "comes up"

I love this picture of Emalie. I am sitting behind her so I didn't see her face until I looked at the picts inside. How cute it that tongue?

Abbey is out helping take care of Emalie, and making sure that Katrina the cat stays out of our picnic snacks.

And our in-home princess Natalie looking pretty as always. She loves this shirt. It says "will trade brother for puppy"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Emalie Talking

This takes a while to get her going, about 20 seconds in she starts talking! I know that you have all her babies talk, but come on its so cute!!!

Happenings in April

Today is tax day. I hope you got your checks in the mail to good ol' Uncle Sam. I am sure that your thank you letter from him is in the mail! Abbey is still playing soccer until the 19th of April and practicing 2x a week. She would still prefer to go to the shop with her Dad on Sat. mornings or ride horses with Uncle Dick. Miss Natalie is just as much of a character as always. Her mind is a steel trap I tell you. And she loves to tell stories. Zachery is our tractor man. He rode a combine with Daddy and the girls yesterday and went to the farm to haul cows with Grandpa Ray today. He always wants to go places, and doesn't want to come home. On a great note, he is now on the downhill slide of his cold. I am so happy!!! On a not so great note, Emalie has found it. She just started yesterday, and I am sure it will get worse in the following days. Who needs sleep anyway? It is SO overrateed!!!! Emalie is now 8 months old. Zachery is so used to taking these picts with her that he just jumps right in the chair, pats the cushion and says, "Baby". Telling me to hurry up and put her next to him.
Emalie also found a new smile. She smiles so big her little cheeks squish her eyes shut and then she crunches her nose and huffs. ADORABLE!
I gave all four of them a bath and the 2 little ones got out first. Blessings abound in our home.
Jeremey came back from Sun and Fun and brought the 3 big kids headphones for the airplane. Our future pilot Abbey is modeling them here.
We cooked at Mimi's house, using flour. Are you suprised that Natalie ate it off the counter? I didn't think you would be!

Our Official Family tooth puller made a house call to pull Abbey's 2nd tooth! Thank you Uncle Dick!
Even a bigger gap in her pretty smile!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I have a boy!

Here is the video of Zachery in the dryer. He has a vocab one or two words at a time.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I have a boy!

Zachery was helping fold clothes on Saturday. I went to the kitchen for something and he had climbed into the dryer! He was so proud of his accomplishment! The girls never had never done that. Today he drove over cat food with a scooter. I have a boy! This look on his face just says it all, I think Jeremey and I are in trouble. I am going to pay for Jeremey's owneriness as a child. But I am having so much fun with him! I love having a little boy, Karen you were so right!


I love dressing the kids in coordinating outfits. The girls' came from Gymboree and Zachery's came from his closet. Most suprising is that Abbey is in a dress, yes a dress, she even picked it out herself and said she would wear it! Emalie, Abbey, Natalie and Zachery after church on Sunday.
We went to the airport Sunday to watch Jeremey sweep the airplane. Emalie got some blanket time while the other kids played.
Did I mention it was windy. Looking at Emalie it doesn't look like she has much hair, but the wind has made part of it stand up.
Emalie's impresonation of Zachery's cheesy smile.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Abbey's Soccer Game

I am a soccer mom once again. Abbey is playing her second season of soccer. She is on the green team, #4. She jumped right in there and kicked the ball. We were so proud of her. I was a little worried when Nana told me that she told Abbey to get in there and kick the ball and Abbey told Nana, I really don't want too. But she DID!!!!! Her first game was very cold too, about 45 and windy. Our team didn't win, but we had fun.
She got to lead the line up for the good game run through!
This is how Zachery, Natalie, Dick and Shirley watched most of the game. Nana and Emalie were in the vehicle next to them. I am excited for warmer weather.

End of March

As I look through the pictures of March it is hard to believe how fast the month went. We have done so many things in 31 short days. As a child days, months and years would just drag out and now as an adult time slips through my hands every day. How can we already have 4 kids? Aren't Jeremey and I still 18? I feel now there is not enough hours in the day! Back to the pictures, I can't post every one that I take so I like to go back through the month and find some that I haven't already added. I hope there aren't too many repeats.
Zachery is such a boy. He was outside playing and I looked at him and saw this face. He was digging around in our chimanea got soot everywhere. But he had such a fun time doing it!
Here is our Emalie enjoying her swing. She just giggled when she got put in it.
Past, Present, Future....Abbey got the ride the Blessed Beginnings bus again, Natalie rides in now, and in 2 years Zachery will be riding it. On this day it took them all to Janell's house. Natalie was thrilled to share the ride and Zachery thought he was pretty big stuff. Not to mention Abbey being the oldest one on the entire bus!

Here the kids are decorating for Easter. All you have to do is tell Zachery cheese and this is his response. He is getting real good at it, today I just pointed the camera at him and he did it!
Abbey and Papa early March over at their house.
Abbey and Emalie waiting for the school bus to come.
I think this picture of Natalie shows her personality really well. She is such a CHARACTER. Up, Down and All Around, most of the day long.
When babies can't poop we give them prune juice. Emalie tried it in a bottle, got just a couple of swigs from it but mostly just chewed on it. After prune juice doesn't work it is on to a suppository. Guess what She Pooped. It was very big news in our house. Our little baby Loves big people food. I have over bought on the runny baby food!

Zachery is just the cutest little boy that I have!!!!
Can you see that tongue? She is definately related to Aunt Julie, they can both twist their tongues, me I wasn't blessed with that talent.
This just makes me laugh! If you ever have a bad day, just come back to this picture!
Super Star!!! Natalie was dancing around saying "watch me"
And the Other Mother! Abbey Loves to be in charge of Emalie, and especially when there is a stroller involved.