Monday, February 25, 2008

Siblings are the best

Natalie, Emalie, Zachery and Abbey
Yes, I am a big girl!
Giddy up mom!

Saturday while Jeremey was out in the awful weather, we were playing inside. Emalie is now staying on her tummy more, and will even roll there from her back at will. Dare I say it but I think crawling may be on her horizon!!! So with her new found fondness for tummy time I thought it quite reasonable to take a couple picts of the kids.

Sunday is for Family

Ice cream anyone?

Grandma and Emalie together.

I love this shot of Jeremey and Natalie. What a bond!

After church in Wakita, Jeremey asked if we wanted to go out to eat in Enid. YES! So we called Grandma Graves to she if she would join us for lunch. YES! The family treked on down to Enid, eat lunch, stopped by Attwoods, Lowes and then home. It was a great day. The kids were awesome in church, at lunch, and in the stores. We also enjoyed Grandma's company!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

No. 77

Jeremey had a rough day on the farm. Rain, broken feed truck, MUD!!, and cold. But not as bad as the calf, No. 77. He was born on the day that it rained ice. Jeremey brought him home to try to warm him up. We are very sad to say that No. 77 didn't make it through the night.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kansas Weather

Today it got up to a whopping 27 degrees and was very windy. Good thing the Tooth Fairy came the night before it got too cold. Abbey showed Jeremey her two dollars, "I got all this for just one little tooth." Too cute! The Tooth Fairy has adjusted for inflation over the last 25 years, I used to get 50 cents!
But with it being KS, yesterday was so nice, 60 degrees, still a bit windy but nice. We went outside to play, cousin Riley came over too. We are so blessed with such a great family!!
Miss Emalie just thought she was pretty big stuff being outside. She was taking it ALL in!!

Zachery is all boy! Here mom, have a stick! Or better yet, let me go around and hit the sidewalk with it to see if it breaks!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Subscribe to This Graves Family

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where is the tooth?

Great news for our oldest daughter. After a very long year of yearning to loose a tooth it finally happened! We were at Dick and Shirley's house this evening and it was loose. Well after about 2 hours of playing with it, (Abbey, Mom, Dad, Aunt B) Uncle Dick finally got the honors to pull the tooth. He is a pro at tooth pulling!!! And has pulled many a first teeth around town! We are very proud that he pulled Abbey's too. She didn't even know it was out! Way to go girl!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Emalie is 6 months old!

How is is possible that 6 months has passed in a blink of an eye?

For any of you wondering about the green dress, well it was mine when I was a baby! Can you believe its 32 years old this March? Well thanks Mom for being a pack rat and keeping my outfit. So I have taken monthly picts of each girl on their "month" birthdays. I love it, that they are in the same fabric that I was as a baby!!!

Saturday in February

Do you know how when you open the front door from inside the house, and its 30 degrees outside and the window mists up? Well of course like all kids mine think that is so cool. Today while waiting for Aunt B and Uncle Dick to come to the house to pick up presents to take to the shower we didn't go to b/c it was supposed to be icy, (thanks for nothing weathermen!) Natalie and Zachery decided it was a little cold while drawing the pictures. So the most logical thing to do was to get gloves and hats to keep warm!

And then you teach your little brother how to pray!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

#2 and #4

I think Emalie favors Natalie a bit. Here is their 5 month picture. Natalie is the top picture.

A very busy week!

Our cousin Riley made a quick visit to Anthony. What a great time for a quick picture!

Aunt Jannette made her famous sugar cookies and everyone loved them! Thank you for the Valentine's Day treat Aunt Jannette.

Tuesday Natalie went skating in Harper with Blessed Beginnings. She had a great time.

Lets see today is Tuesday, the sick bug has come to our house. I got to rest FOREVER on Sunday. Thanks Jeremey, Nana and Papa!!!! Emalie got a fever on Friday, with a runny nose, and slight cough. I think she is finally getting over it! She tried green beans, but felt so awful that I gave up and will try again later. Zachey got a runny nose and fever on Monday. But is better now.

Before she got sick Emalie and Zachery had some adorable bonding time. They really love each other. Zachery has taken to calling her Baby. He is johnny on the spot whenever she cries or needs anything. I think he would bring her the world if I asked him to.

Emalie and her big brother Zachery! They are so cute!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy February

Abbey, Natalie, Emalie and Zachery

Abbey and Emalie. Mommy and Emalie didn't stay outside long, just to get some cute picts and then inside. Emalie I think enjoyed being out in the snow for the 1st time.

It snowed yesterday. It was that pretty, soft, fluffy snow. School was cancelled Thursday and Friday. Today we bundled up and went outside to enjoy it before it all melts tomorrow.