Monday, November 15, 2010

October part I

 The kids have such a great dad.  He does so many great fun things with them.  Each year he is in charge of the pumpkin decorating.  If it was up to me, I would give them markers and let them go to town.  BUT Daddy on the other hand makes elaborate pictures in the pumpkin!

Emalie with her Daddy and the Kitty Cat Pumpkin

Abbey is getting big enough to carve her own. Wouldn't you know she carved a HORSE!

Zachery, Daddy and Frankenstein

Natalie (notice the pose) with her Daddy and their ghost pumpkin. 
 We have found a Showdeo to go to with Abbey near Attica.  She has a great time.  It's very low key and fun!  She took Jetta Dawn to this one because Jessica had a small cut on her back leg.
Horse girl no.2. Thank goodness Jetta is so calm.  Emalie just loved all over her and she didn't seem to mind at all!

This boy LOVES to cook.

He loves it when I go shopping and bring home strawberries.  We have this awesome chopper and he does almost everything himself!  It builds his self confidence and I just love that! This time I didn't even get all the bags unloaded before he started chopping.