Monday, December 14, 2009


I could spend HOURS on my computer getting inspired by other beautiful blogs. Adding to my own. Tweeking it. Putting up THOUSANDS of picture up...13,000 are on my computer right now! Sharing our family with you, and I want to, but...(there always is one isn't there?) I don't have time. I choose to play with kids, be a taxi driver, cook healthy dinners, and see my husband. Trust me, I miss you more than you miss me. I got on here today and thought, o gosh, it has been November since my last post. That means you haven't got to see so MANY cute picts. Someday (night) I will stay up late (early) and give you another update. Until then click on the (in)courage button on the side. You will be glad you did! Merry Merry Christmas! Got my Christmas cards ordered today so maybe sometime before (after) Christmas I will get them mailed out.
And now for the bald eagle. Driving to town last month I looked out into the field and this guy was just waiting for his picture to be taken. So I pulled over and got a snap shot. Fuzzy because I had to zoom in. JG said that their is a place in Salt Plains that has lots of bald eagles, maybe this one just got lost!!!
I DO hope to be back on here soon!