Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

More adorable picts

Zachery at Natalie's Preschoo rodeo! What a handsome cowboy!
Emalie cheeringe everyone on!
Natalie Giddy ups on Butterschotts
What a great looking bunch of kids! We are so blessed!

Sue-while you were away I took a little time to play! Hope you enjoy, there's 3 posts today!

Big Boy Toys

Jeremey worked very hard this weekend on one of his great loves. The airplane is clean and polished! We went out to check out his work. A job well done!

Zachery's Birthday

Zachery's birthday cake
Zachery's 1st airplane!

Our little boy is 2! I can't believe that times flies by so fast. We celebrated with an airplane cake and ice cream. And my favorite part of birthdays~family and friends!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Pictures

Zachery and his airplane, he loved it!
Another one of Zachery's passions, if yo can have a passion at 2, is tractors. Zachery, Natalie, Emalie and Abbey. Can you tell that Abbey was very proud to be holding Emalie? She took really good pictures!
We took Zachery to get his 2 year pictures taken last Friday. They turned out really cute, but it was a lot of hard work gettting them. I even resorted to jumping jacks! It was also the first professional pict of all the kids.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Zachery's reaction to his birthday video

Aunt Nae made a video for Zachery's 2nd birthday. This is what he did as he watched himself on TV. Needless to say he loved it!

Happy January continued

Jeremey loves when he has a cuddle baby. Emalie and Daddy had some good sleep time together. They were both very tired.

Could these to be twins born 4 years apart? Only time will tell.

Here is Zachery's "cheese" grin.

Nana is right, I should be very nervous when they are all in a car together in a few years.

Miss Emalie is just so cute! Here our model is wearing Daddys hat!

I was playing around to see if I could download videos and it worked! I just love technology!

We have been pretty busy around here. School started again, Abbey was pretty bummed the first week that she only got to go 2 days then had a weekend. I was happy to get back into a routine with Natalie, she is sleeping in her bed all night. That is a GREAT thing!! She still is a night owl though. Zachery is just a little spitfire! He can say such cute things and he has the cutest grin. He is over a 2 day sickness, he doesn't give much warnig before he throws up, I have a carpet stain to prove it! Miss Emalie is just adorable as ever. She is SO CLOSE to rolling over and she is looking more and more like Natalie every day.

Happy January

Zachery the day before his birthday talking.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Picts

Emailie, Zachery and Mom at the Befort Christmas

I can eat this with my fingers right? That's not double dipping!

Natalie with new Bitty Twins clothes.

Zachery got a new tractor. I can't tell if he likes it or not.

Abbey got Butterscotch the horse. She has been eyeing it since March!

Hoping everyone had a joyous Christmas. We sure did. I so enjoy being with all of our families. I just wish we could spread the get togethers out more. We did 4 in 3 days! The kids made out like bandit again this year. They are especially happy to see the presents each year! It doesn't always matter what is inside, they just like to open. Zachery could hardly get one present open before he went in for the next!

I feel like such a slacker. Jeremey and I didn't do anything for the new year except put the kids to bed!!! I did get a pre-new years kiss before he went to bed.

Our house was pretty busy today, my scrapbooking got moved to the basement and Abbey got moved upstairs so she officially has her own room again. Last night Abbey, Natalie and Zachery all stayed the night with Nana and Papa. Zachery was adorable and didn't want to come home! It was a very quite house with just Emalie and us.

I pray every night for to thank God for our wonderful family and our health. We are truly a blessed family.

We got so many great Christmas cards this year. I love it so much seeing the families of my friends grow! New additions and watching the others get so big!

And the internet is a wonderful thing, so is blogger!