Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swimming Pool

Natalie practicing for later movie rolls...every 5 yr old wear sunglasses to the local pool right?

Emalie doing her part to make sure pool is full of water.

Abbey at rest break.

Zachery taking a break too.
We love the Harper pool because it has a zero entry AND two slides and one board!
I keep these picts on my camera so that I could look at the kids while we were in Nashville.

Happenings in June

Look at what cute kids waiting patiently while Daddy turns the semi around at the airport.

Emalie watching the picture session.

Emalie got to drive a semi this month. She isn't even 2 yet. I on the other hand had to wait 30+ years before I got to drive one. It is harder than I thought it was.

These are some of the flowers I have this year. They might not look like much but for me, IT IS HUGE!!!
It's almost July and they are still blooming, alive, watered!

Jeremey's favorite flower are marigolds, NOT so much mine, but I plant them every year because I DO LOVE MY HUSBAND. They are in the back yard so he can see them every night (in the dark) when he gets home!

When the kids play in the sprinkler we ALL put on sunscreen, the kids in their suits. And THIS is where Emalie sits, very happily in the shade watching them play.

Cool Shades!
Twinkling eyes.

Cool shades...E loves wearing my day she will grow into them!

Here, no over here, wait..Where did she go?

If I thought I was bad posting in May, whoa, look out for June! I know it's ALMOST July...I tried to post tonight, I really did...but my pictures wouldn't upload. I will try tomorrow. Here is what is going on so far:
Harvest is underway, meals to the field daily and it's HOT! With that I bid you a good night! Pictures soon!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I didn't know there were so many things to do in MAY-LAST ONE

I know that especially today you have been bombarded with pictures but guess what? I am done posting for picts in May, and June is only 1/2 over!!!

On May 31st the girls had their first dance recital. They both did so good we were all so proud of them!!! Way to go girls!
Natalie and Abbey before the finale.

Natalie at the end of her tumbling routine.

The girls had lots of people come see them...Mimi and Papa...

Nana and Papa...

Aunt Jannette and Uncle Bill...Aunt B and Uncle Dick...Thanks for coming!!!

Look at that hair move!
That is an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini!

I didn't know there were so many things to do in MAY

In May we have gotten to really enjoy the outdoors, Jeremey isn't cutting wheat yet, and school is out so the kids can stay up "while the sun is still up". I am really loving summer!

Abbey roasting her marshmellow. She tried it blackened like Daddy's and then decided that just wasn't for her.
Natalie getting hers "just right"

Emalie just LOVED eating the chocolate!

Zachery was happy to just let Daddy cook his.

We got to go to Newton to pick up the Bucket List so we found a park to play in for the kids. It was great time! On our way through Wichita we stopped and ate at the Olive Garden. The kids are good enough that we enjoy a family meal at a restaurant.You would think the driver of such a classy truck would NEVER stick out his tongue at his wife.

Zachery and Daddy, I love the smile on Jeremey's face!

Our latest couple picture...taken by Abbey

Natalie, the future model, she has many poses she likes to try!

Emalie loved this little walk through.

Zachery was pretty good at not getting his picture taken, so I had to catch him while he was really concentrating...walking down the slide was a good time to snap a picture.

Abbey had such a good time mastering these spinning monkey bars!

I didn't know there were so many things to do in MAY

Happy Birthday Abbey!!
Abbey had her 1st sleepover for her birthday. We had five 8 year olds!
The girls sunbathing.

In May it finally got warm enough for the sprinkler. I am too much of a chicken to take all the kids to the pool by I make them play in the sprinkler...they seem to like it anyway.

This is about as close to the water as Emalie took her 2 days to just get THIS close.

Zachery loves the water. This is just about ready to jump with excitement.

Abbey decided to dance in the water.

Natalie loves the water! Not to mention the mud that it makes!

So much to do in May

Zachery helping Nana make beans for Abbey's bday.
Abbey's last day of 2nd grade!

Natalie and her graduation gift from Mimi and Papa..she loved it, can you tell?

Abbey and Jetta Dawn!

Natalie's last day of preschool

Natalie her last time by her box.
Walking the stage

All this just for me????

A YUMMY cookie cake!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I didn't know there were so many things to do in MAY

Jeremey gave me 11 Circus roses for our 11th Anniversary.
Mommy and her Little Man!!
What form!! Abbey at the ring toss!
Emalie was so tired she ate lunch and then crawled up into Papa's lap and fell asleep!

Here is the best Mother's Day picture we could get!
Mama and her BABY!! She's not so little anymore!