Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yes I am SHOUTING SINGING and DANCING! Did you happen to see the new header? IT WAS MADE WITH CREATIVE MEMORIES STORYBOOK PLUS!! Oh my gosh!!! I just love it. I have a new addiction! DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING! Stefani gave me some pointers a couple of months ago, and then I started playing with my Storybook and wouldn't you know? A brand new header!!!!
Happy Sunday Night!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How have you helped today?

Have you seen the insurance commericial that shows a stranger helping another, then someone else sees it, and they go on to help someone else? It's a great commercial. Keep your eye out for it.
I have been given the chance to help 2 strangers in the last 5 days. I found a cell phone in the bathroom of the mall and recalled the last number dialed and the lady that answered help me find the owner of the phone. Then yesterday an older lady was having trouble getting her credit card to work to pump gas so I helped her get it started. IT FELT GREAT! I hope these to ladies will go on to help someone when needed.
So my question for you today is: How have you helped someone today? It just takes a few minutes out of your day but it is so fullfilling. Doing something for nothing in return. TRY IT!
Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pictures my kids take and my 100th post

These are the pictures you get when the kids get the camera. It is really cool to just see what is important to them in their world, and to see it at their level. Taken by Natalie

Taken by Zachery

Taken by Natalie

Taken by Natalie

Taken by Natalie-it's a TV show
Taken by Zachery-our cat Katrina
Taken by Natalie

Taken by Zachery

Taken by Zachery

I see that this is my 100th blog post. I never would have thought. I am enjoying this so much! I still hope you are too. On Sunday Jeremey and I hit a weird milestone. (I have been waiting for 8/17 for a very long time) It is the day that we have been together longer than we have been apart! I know its weird! But that is just one of the MANY odd thoughts in my head!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Uncle Dick called us Thursday evening to let us in on God's beauty. Thank you Uncle Dick for letting us know. We would have missed it without you!
When I gather the clouds over the earth and the bow appears in the clouds, I shall recall the covenant between myself and you and every living creature, in a word all living things, and never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all living things. ~Genesis 9:14-15

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Justy!

Of all the post that I have done today, this one is the most important. So I left it for the last so it would be on the top! Today is my little brother's birthday. I hope you have a great day! Justy and Abmy at Jerid and Karen's wedding.

Helping Natalie with her broken leg.
Sledding at Mimi and Papa's with Nat.

Lovin' on Emalie.

I love you man!

Abbey's First day of school

August 2008-2nd grade

August 2007-1st grade

Things to do before school starts

I can't believe summer is offically over. Where did the time go? I am so very sad to see Abbey go to school and then Natalie in September!!!! My house is going to be so quiet! In lieu of the impending school year we took one more day of adventure to celebrate summer.
Zachery was enjoying the rides at Chuck E Cheese. The night before the girls stayed at Nana and Papa's house. I just love the freedom of summer. Now it is back to bedtimes and routines. (Okay so I like routines JUST A LITTLE BIT!!!!!)

We also made stepping stones for the yard. A cute little box made four 6inch stones. How perfect is that?
This is Natalie's heart.

Zachery and Emalie climbing. A side note, I think Emalie is going to be my climber. Even much more so than Zachery is. Papa stopped by to take a ride on the Merry Go Round...
and to do some serious walking with Emalie.

gk....graves kids. I just love these shirts.

Look at Emalie's top two teeth! They come down more everyday.

Playing in the sand.

Riding the small merry go round.

Emalie would like to be released from Natalie.

My big girl!

Emalie's Birthday

I will just share a few picts of Emalie's 1st birthday party. We had cake and ice cream, opened presents and then a BBQ. I loved it! I love having ALL of our family here at once. Julie and Julie and fams we missed you! It was a great day. Thanks to everyone for loving us so much! Emalie in her Birthday Fairy dress.

And look at those cheeks. They are STUFFED with birthday cake!

Since it was Dad's birthday too, I made him a small cake. I think it got passed around between Abbey, Natalie and Zachery. I wish I had a picture of what it looked like when they were done with it! Natalie was the first to dig into the cake.

Zachery was not to be outdone by some silly girl! He took BIG bites!

Fair Time

Abbey's horse Stormy was invited to be in the petting zoo. She was a HIT!

Surprise!! Abbey rode the horses.
Zachery rode the cars and surprise-airplanes.
Natalie and Zachery riding the roller coaster.
Daddy and his little girl on her birthday!

On Saturday we celebrated Jonathon's 6th birthday. Then got Natalie to the park to get ready for her first parade! She loved being the one throwing the candy!

Grand Lake

We loaded up the Expedition and expedited ourselves down to the lake. It was so HOT, the water was WARM. Just the way I like it!
Abbey loved the paddle boat. She loved being the driver, it seemed like she never could have enough passengers.
Nana, Abbey and Natalie taking a swim.

Natalie and Daddy
Zachery and Daddy, cool shades! My two men are so handsome!
Riley and Uncle Jeremey.

Abbey and Mommy tubing.

1st day of August

There are so many picts to put up to get you caught up on what This Graves Family has been doing. I will start slowly!

Emalie learned she wasn't real fond of Rojo invading her personal space.

Zachery hooked up a baler to his tractor and moved the scoop shovel too. Yes we let the horses loose in the backyard. Its one of Abbey's favorite things to do!
Also threw a fit.
Abbey strikes up a pose.
Love this picture of Emalie and the tree and sky in the background.

Especially love this feet!