Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dillons Commercial

For those have not caught it or it isn't playing in your area, here is the Dillon's Commercial filmed in Portland. I have gotten such positive feedback from everyone! It means so much to me THANKS! And to those who can't turn on the radio or TV without seeing me...Thanksgiving is Thursday and it should stop playing then! I videoed it off my TV so the quality isn't great but it will do for now until I get the dvd from Kroger. And again I had such a blast filming it and meeting my new Women of Kroger friends!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

He is thinking of me!

I got a wonderful surprise today. A knock at my door and J-Mac delivered these beautiful flowers and box of candles and bath goodies!!!! Hand picked by my fabulous HUSBAND!!! I am so happy that he is mine. Jeremey and I talk often about how God made us for each other! I am so blessed to have him. God did good! Thanks for the flowers and gift box honey and thanks for thinking of me!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Update Overload

Our annual tradition is to end up at Dick and Shirley's house, but they bent to peer pressure from Nana and Papa and went to the lake instead! SO we stopped by their house just to say "What? we can't believe you let us and the whole lot of trick or treaters down by not being there!"
The witty witch!

2 pumpkins, 2 witches, 1 supergirl on a party bus! Yes we took the harvest meals bus trick or treating and it was a blast!

We went to the pumpkin patch for our annual visit. We decided that it is our 5th year! We have so much fun going with Nana, Aunt B, and Aunt Jannette and their families!

He is Natalie on the great new swings. I can't wait for next year!

They added this great big carousel swing at the Pumpkin Patch this year. Zachery loved riding the horse. I did it and fell on my arse!

Abbey just wondering what to do next after just having played on the haybales.

Our baby! How is it possible that she is already 2?

He loves this girl!!! She loves this guy!!!

I got a "call back" from Kroger to do another commercial. They flew me and 8 of my new girlfriends out to Portland to shoot it. WHAT A BLAST!!!! Put us up in a swanky hotel, took us out to dinner and treated us great. I had such a great time and can't wait to do it again! (Any Kroger agents reading this???)(hint hint)! I forgot to take picts of the hotel lobby but Laurie did, click on here name to see them! I was so happy to find a fellow blogger!!

The Nines...and believe me everything was to the Nines! Loved my room what a sanctuary!! I got so spoiled getting to sleep through the night 3 weekends in a row. I told someone that I won't get to go anywhere by myself for the next 2 years!!

Natalie, Riley, Cade, Zachery, Emalie and Abbey! All of Nana and Papa's grandkids!

Jeremey and I got to take 2 weekends in October to take the Bucket List to truck shows. We first went to Joplin to the Guilty by Association truck show hosted by 4 States.
I like to say that from the kids standpoint "Our parents left us for a weekend and all they brought back were these trophies" So happy we got one for each of them. Best Paint Combo, Best Stereo Combo, People Choice Combo, Competitors Choice Combo 2nd. Not to bad!

The blanket was made by Linda Stout, one of our driver's wife. She did an amazing job!

I was mostly excited to get to go hang out with my friend Lisa! We also went to Denton, TX the next weekend for Peterbuilt days. Can you believe we got to go out 2 weekends in a row without the kids? Then Saturday night we drove down to Ft. Worth and went out on the town with Lisa and Bryan, Bonnie and Galland. We had such a great time!!! We can't wait to do it again!!! A BIG THANK YOU to Sue and Donna for taking such great care of the kids while we were gone!

Natalie's class outside the trailer for COW day (Carers On Wheels). She is on the front row with dark glasses. It's where students from school get to learn about different jobs people can have with COW. This was the first year Farmer's Oil was there. Also there was ambulance, firetruck, police car, crop sprayer, medical airplane, city crew, horse trailer and welder. It was so much fun!!

Abbey's class came in the afternoon. She is on the steps of the truck in purple. She was so happy that she didn't have to go back to school with her class, but got to stay and help Mike close up the trailer.

Abbey walking through.

Natalie going through the trailer! They all loved it that it was from their Daddy's workplace!

For B week, Zachery got to bring a Big truck to preschool. He loved it! He is in the red shirt in the front row.

So this now gets you caught up on August (though I think I missed putting up E's bday), September and October! And I hope to never be gone so long from my blog again!!!

Update Overload

What a good looking family!! So happy that we made the trip down to Dallas for Daddy!

Bucket List went to Dallas in August and brought home People Choice, Best in Class Combo, and Best Paint Combo. We are so proud Daddy!

We celebrated Natalie's 6th birthday. So happy she wanted a K-State party!
We have raised her well!

Just hanging out at home!

We spent some time at Grand Lake. Big sister Abbey is playing with Emalie.

Julie, Eli and Trinity, Emalie, Abbey, Natalie, Me and Zachery

While Julie was getting supplies for Eli's bday party we played with Trinity at the park.

Big Boy Eli is 1!

Me and My Shadow! (Move closer to home)