Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Courthouse turns 100

Last Saturday we celebrated our courthouse's 100th birthday. The Girl Scouts got to be part of the celebration as they lined the walkway for the Color Guard. Then they got to release balloons. Abbey got a special ribbon for participating.
Abbey, Mom and Natalie
Abbey with her Girl Scout sash.

This is our beatiful courthouse.

Waiting for the balloon release.

Farm Day

Last Friday was Natalie's field trip to the Farm. It was fun, but cold. Zachery, Emalie and I only stayed for the story and to get a picture of Natalie on the horse. The first 3 pictures are of the kids listening to the story.

Natalie and her horse ride!

Hello....Is anybody there?

No don't go...come back...really I'm here. I've been here all along...just really busy....doing....well...nothing in particular...feeding, bathing, cooking, cleaning up after, taxiing, reading to, care for, and loving the kids...but really I'm here! I can't believe I have been away for so long, 17 days of no posting, What has gotten into me? Oh yeah, parenting! And just to think that November is National Blog Month, you can sign up and post everyday in Nov. Well I have truly missed that boat!
Trying to think of things we have done this month:
Wakita Turkey Dinner and 8 pies and 1 cranberry salad
Julie came home with her family
The girls went with Aunt B, Uncle Dick, Nana and Papa to watch our cousin Joslyn in the Christmas Story.
There have been Girl Scout meetings, Dr. appts for check ups, music practice for Abbey's Christmas program on the 2nd, dance and gymnastic practice and a kidnapping involving the kids and I and Grandpa Brown!
The Danville Turkey Dinner is this Sunday and 5 more pies and 2 craft items.

Also autumn crafts. The big kids got to paint with real paint and Emalie got to paint with pudding.
Feels good on my the way I now have 4 on top and 2 on the bottom with 2 more trying to break through down there.

Look, I can do the silly spoon on your nose trick too!

And I am using a spoon! Talented I know!

Thank goodness mom remembered to take off my shirt!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween costumes

Abbey is a witch, Natalie is Sharpa from HS Musical, Zachery is a pumpking and Emalie is a skeleton.

Our first stop was Papa and the girls at the Courthouse.

Then off to see Grandpa Brown and get his HUGE sack of goodies!

Then we went to help Uncle Dick pass out candy to trick or treaters. The Graves Kids has such fun doing it! Then Daddy came by and took them to houses nearby. It was FUN night, and such perfect weather!

Emalie taking off with the loot!
We hope you had a fun Halloween.
We are working the Wakita Turkey Dinner tomorrow. Please join us if you can!

Another bites the dust

Early this summer I found out that my much beloved and much discontinued Kodak camera can't swim. So Jeremey said that I could have his Cannon Powershot. It wasn't my Kodak but it was a camera and I tried not to complain to often.
On Halloween it took its last pictures. The Powershot lost its life due to a drop on the front porch. OUCH!! That's okay I said (okay after I yelled a little) I still have the digital camera on my cell phone.

So the story continues. I got out of the car today opened the door to get out Zachery and here this big my cell phone hits the ground with a big crash! I have no cell phone, no camera, no nothing. So you can't call me on my phone til at least Monday!

Coming home from the Pupmkin Patch

Sleeping kids=a quiet car! Amen!

Pumpkin Patch

We traveled to the Pumpkin Patch last Saturday for our annual visit. We missed everyone who couldn't be with us!
I took lots of picts so just sit back and enjoy.
Zachery and his picture smile...and those lips on funny.

A new addition this year was more tire swings.

Mommy and Emalie.

Daddy and his herd.

Emalie sat so nice after our family picture that I just kept taking more of her.

Abbey, Zachery and Daddy.

Mommy and the herd.

I loved this picture b/c we have one of Zachery on haybales with pumpkins from his first visit.

I just feel in love with this picture of Natalie.

Surprise....Abbey is feeding a horse.

Emalie and Zachery taking some laps on the tractor track.

My four kids hogging the water pumps!

Emalie Ann.

Zachery Wray.

Natalie Rose.

Abbey Renae.

Our Family...Pumpkin Patch 2008.

No bones about it

Wanted to get this on to wish you all a Happy Halloween! Yes, I know its actually All Saints Day today, but hope you had a good candy day!