Friday, December 5, 2008

Jeremey's Rite of Acceptance and November Catch up

On Sunday November 30 Jeremey made his Rite of Acceptance to officially begin the process of joining the Church. It was such a special day for him and a gift from God for the both of us. I am so proud of him and thankful to God that he has led Jeremey on this path. He will join the Church at Easter! Jeremey, Jessica and Father Mike.

Natalie the Scarecrow at her Thanksgiving feast.

I do cook! Even breakfast pancakes! Zachery loves them, especially since he has a book about Curious George and how he makes pancakes!

I forgot to post this picture of the girls before their dance recital. And they are even holding hands!

Here they are before going to watch Joslyn in her Christmas Musical.


Andrea said...

Jessica, I know what an important thing this will be for Jeremey, you, and your family. What joy!

Skip, Stephanie, Emerald, & Calvin said...

I am so happy for Jeremey. What an awesome moment for your family! Tell him I said congrats and best wishes. He and I can be part of the "joiners" club!!

This Aldridge Family said...

Congrats to Jeremey- excited for both of you as God is leading you on this journey together! I love you!