Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello? Hello?

I am so ashamed!  It has been 11 months since I blogged here.  How is that possible?  Oh wait...4 kids and Jeremey.  Never mind I am busy!  I see all these great blogs and want to have mine be just as awesome, but I realize that other women do that as there "job" since they may have 4 kids, no one certainly has Jeremey who keeps me more than busy.  The Trucking Blog  keeps me really busy and somehow I end up posting on HIS blog more than mine.  Oh and then there is this little thing called PINTEREST  If you have not signed up for me and I will send you an invitation.  It's free and ADDICTIVE.  Even more so that Facebook!!!!  And then there is that little project we started on the house...Lots of decisions that I feel rushed to make.  But come March (I hope) it will all be done!
And as of this morning I finally had found a quick way to add picts from iPhoto to my blog.  I know that Apple was smart enough to do it...I just had to find the right way!  So hopefully now there will be more picts of the family here!  I have missed being here!
Love and Prayers to you all,

' PS  I have gone Mac and never going BACK!

 Jeremey busy as always is so busy we are investing in child labor!  Z is helping him by driving a semi!

 Emalie is driving in the pasture checking cows!  

And Abbey, Natalie and Zachery are making sure that cattle eat the hay!  

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