Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's just not Thanksgiving without my pies!

I love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite food holiday. And I love making pies! Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner at Wakita starting at 11:30. If you want a yummy lunch and some of my awesome pies come on down!
I am making 8 pies and 2 cranberry salads.
This year I get to use 2 ovens! It's been a year since we started the remodel of the house and kitchen and 5 months since its been totally done. I've been itching for November to roll around so I can put the kitchen to really good use. In record time this year by 1:10, 4 pies were done and the last 4 were in the oven!!!! I'm so excited!!!! I even had great help in the kitchen. There only requirement was that they had to have love in their heart while cooking for others. Next up for baking is the Danville Turkey Dinner and then family Thanksgiving. YUMMMMMMYYYY!!

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