Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Halloween

Jeremey was Daddy Dog Catcher and all the kids were dogs. It was so cute!
Jeremey even had a Dog Catcher outfit. Here he is with Doggy #2; aka Natalie
Abbey had such a fun time being a dog. She loved her collar and leash.
Mom was the only one not dressed up, but still had a smile with Emalie and Zachery.
Zachery was all about the candy! Once he figured out that you hold your bag, and people give you candy, he was ready to get out of the car before we got the door opened. When we would go to the house, he would get his candy, and head right for the door, ready for the next house. He definately has a sweet tooth.
We finished our evening at Dick and Shirley's house. Here is Aunt B and the last of our litter the little dalmation Emalie.

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