Thursday, November 15, 2007

November 15th

We are starting to get very busy with holiday planning. The Danville Thanksgiving dinner is this weekend, so I will be baking pies. We are celebrating with the Beforts on Thursday and EVERYONE is going to be there so we are taking family pictures. I am very excited! Most of my Christmas shopping is done. Most was done out of catalogs because I missed my big shopping trip with Dusty in October.

Abbey is starting to read sentences in first grade. Her teacher said she is doing great. We are so proud of her. The class starts weekly spelling tests this Friday.

Natalie got to bring home the preschool mascot, a stuffed Moose for 2 days. She let Abbey and Zachery play with it too. She is always thinking. This week I told her she doesn't forget a thing, and her reply was "it's because I have a forehead and it makes me think."

Mom and the girls at Nana's for a pre-Christmas celebration.

Zachery is potty training. Jeremey started him about a month ago on a whim before bathtime, and he is doing pretty good. He can even let us know when he has to go (sometimes). I wasn't going to even attempt it until after his 2nd birthday so he think is doing great! He loves it when we clap for him!

Daddy and his boy!

Little Miss Emalie isn't so little anymore. She weighs about 13 lbs. We say she is short, fat and happy. She changes so much and smiles so much and now when she laughs, she actually makes noise! She is just adorable!


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