Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy January continued

Jeremey loves when he has a cuddle baby. Emalie and Daddy had some good sleep time together. They were both very tired.

Could these to be twins born 4 years apart? Only time will tell.

Here is Zachery's "cheese" grin.

Nana is right, I should be very nervous when they are all in a car together in a few years.

Miss Emalie is just so cute! Here our model is wearing Daddys hat!

I was playing around to see if I could download videos and it worked! I just love technology!

We have been pretty busy around here. School started again, Abbey was pretty bummed the first week that she only got to go 2 days then had a weekend. I was happy to get back into a routine with Natalie, she is sleeping in her bed all night. That is a GREAT thing!! She still is a night owl though. Zachery is just a little spitfire! He can say such cute things and he has the cutest grin. He is over a 2 day sickness, he doesn't give much warnig before he throws up, I have a carpet stain to prove it! Miss Emalie is just adorable as ever. She is SO CLOSE to rolling over and she is looking more and more like Natalie every day.

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