Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4 Sacraments in 1 day!

This Easter was so special to our family! We were looking forward to the rise of Christ, our annaul family Easter dinner and egg hunt, mostly we were looking forward to the big day at church. You see our family participated in 4 sacraments. Jeremey was baptized, confirmed into the Church and made his First Holy Communion. Abbey also made her First Communion.
I think that with our wedding day and the baptism of our children this day ranks right up there with them. I don't think that I can fully express the joy, grace, pride and love that I felt for Jeremey and Abbey that day. And for the GUSTO OF LOVE that I have for our Church and the Catholic Faith. It took everything that I had not to just jump out of my seat and say "Are you seeing this? Do you know how important this day is? HALLELUJAH!" I just about BURST!

Abbey receiving the body of Christ for the first time. I am so unbelieveable proud of this little girl! She is growing up so fast. I pray that it was as big of moment for her that it was for me, when I was a girl and now as a mother! (thanks mom and dad)

Jeremey and Abbey. One of my favorite all time pics!

Jeremey and the kids

Our theme this year was black and white! Z man is in a 5 pc suit. (Ebay $35)

Sometimes the horse girl does'nt mind being in a dress!

On the way home from church E and Z fell asleep!

So that I can ramble some more....When Jeremey and I first started talking about getting married I made it clear to him that he did not have to join the Church. It was something that I had desired for him and myself, but never pushed him to do it. I told him that joining the Catholic faith was a call from God that he needed to answer for himself. Although we discussed that he would need to attend church with me when we had children and he did. Abbey was born and he was there in church with us because together we would raise our children in the Catholic faith. If he wasn't working he came to church with us. I'm sure it was weird in a way for a non Catholic to attend Mass and really get much out of it. He didn't really ask a lot of questions early on and really I didn't try to educate him on the faith that much. I always wanted him to join and become the "faith leader of our household" but it was a prayer I kept to myself. On Sunday that prayer was answered. Almost 11 years after we were married and almost 8 years after the birth of our child he has joined the Church. I am so proud of this man that God has chosen for me. And our entire family blessed everyday to be loved and protected by God. My parents gifted with me with such a special gift of the Catholic faith. I am so overwhelmed and overjoyed that Jeremey and I get to pass that gift onto our children. Its like a circle of giving! I am so thankful for my faith, my God and my Church! Love and Prayers to you all!

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Skip, Stephanie, Emerald, Calvin, and Zachary said...

What an amazingly awesome day for you guys!! I am so happy for you all, especially Jeremy and Abbey. I remember the day I joined the church (and got engaged). Easter is so special b/c of that, and it is when we received the precious gift of Emerald and Calvin at Easter. Congrats to you guys!! What an awesome example of our faith!