Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A mom takes her kids to the zoo

I took the kids to the zoo on St. Patty's day...along with most of the rest of Wichita. It was very spur of the moment for me. I didn't pack snacks, lunch or drinks or even a stroller. But we survived and I vowed to do it again by myself!

Abbey, Emalie and Natalie in the playground at the zoo. I think this was their favorite part.

I even chased after Emalie up there. It is really made for 5-12 yr olds, not so much moms.

Natalie and Abbey took some time to pose with the resident gorilla.

This is about the only picture I got of Z-man. He RAN everywhere that he could!
Emalie got up close and personal with a giraffe, just as the zoo keeper says, please stay away from the fence.

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