Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happenings in June

Look at what cute kids waiting patiently while Daddy turns the semi around at the airport.

Emalie watching the picture session.

Emalie got to drive a semi this month. She isn't even 2 yet. I on the other hand had to wait 30+ years before I got to drive one. It is harder than I thought it was.

These are some of the flowers I have this year. They might not look like much but for me, IT IS HUGE!!!
It's almost July and they are still blooming, alive, watered!

Jeremey's favorite flower are marigolds, NOT so much mine, but I plant them every year because I DO LOVE MY HUSBAND. They are in the back yard so he can see them every night (in the dark) when he gets home!

When the kids play in the sprinkler we ALL put on sunscreen, the kids in their suits. And THIS is where Emalie sits, very happily in the shade watching them play.

Cool Shades!
Twinkling eyes.

Cool shades...E loves wearing my day she will grow into them!

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