Monday, June 15, 2009

I didn't know there were so many things to do in MAY

In May we have gotten to really enjoy the outdoors, Jeremey isn't cutting wheat yet, and school is out so the kids can stay up "while the sun is still up". I am really loving summer!

Abbey roasting her marshmellow. She tried it blackened like Daddy's and then decided that just wasn't for her.
Natalie getting hers "just right"

Emalie just LOVED eating the chocolate!

Zachery was happy to just let Daddy cook his.

We got to go to Newton to pick up the Bucket List so we found a park to play in for the kids. It was great time! On our way through Wichita we stopped and ate at the Olive Garden. The kids are good enough that we enjoy a family meal at a restaurant.You would think the driver of such a classy truck would NEVER stick out his tongue at his wife.

Zachery and Daddy, I love the smile on Jeremey's face!

Our latest couple picture...taken by Abbey

Natalie, the future model, she has many poses she likes to try!

Emalie loved this little walk through.

Zachery was pretty good at not getting his picture taken, so I had to catch him while he was really concentrating...walking down the slide was a good time to snap a picture.

Abbey had such a good time mastering these spinning monkey bars!

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