Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A family that plays together stays together along with other things that bind our family!

Jeremey out in the water. What form..What white legs!

Abbey watching Daddy...

Emalie watching Daddy.

Zachery watching himself. This is one of the many self portraits of him I find on my camera.

Jeremey trying to get Abbey up on skis for the 1st time. It lasted this long, 1..2..3 He asked if she wanted to get back on to try again, her reply was a very quick NOOOOOO!

Natalie and Emalie enjoying the boat ride.

Zachery wasn't much for the water so he mostly just stayed on the dock, threw ropes out to us to drag us back in and save us.

Natalie loved jumping into the water with this tube.

We could hardly keep Emalie out of the water. She just couldn't get enough.

Abbey and Stacey out rafting.

Just hanging out in the water OR Seriously, this is all I can get in? OR Will you let go already?

Abbey our resident water bug. She would have slept in her swimsuit if I let her.

Emalie knowing she is pretty big stuff getting to drink POP.

The last day we went out one more time. Natalie Zachery and Emalie all fell asleep.

Meanwhile Abbey was tubing, and tubing and tubing. Did I mention she and Ally went tubing?

And last but not least. This is my very dear friend Stephanie. We meet at K-State and became fast friends. We have always keep in touch with Christmas cards and such, then found each other with our blogs, and then on Facebook (see Jeremey it's good for something) Well on her facebook she said she was packing heading for Grand Lake. Me too I said, where are you going to be? She gave me the address and said just Google it to get directions b/c she couldn't tell me and I didn't know where it was at. Well guess what? We were 1.2 miles from each other, 4 coves!!!! What a miracle!!! So she came over to Nana and Papa's house and we got to see each other for the 1st time in LOTS of years. She brought her fab hubby Skip and her adorable 3 kiddos, Emerald, Calvin and Zachary!!! (Cute name huh?) Go check out their family blog!
I was so pumped to see her again and can't wait to we meet again!


kanishk said...

nice images i like it.

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Skip, Stephanie, Emerald, Calvin, and Zachary said... ubber sweet! I loved getting to see you guys, too! Especially getting to meet all your super sweet kiddos. I have a feeling we have more Grove dates in our future :) Love and hugs to all of you guys :)