Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Abbey and Nat 2 days before harvest finished. (Nat's dress)

Zachery and HIS combine!

Our machines....
Our grain cart...I think I am really liking silhouette picts...

Took 3/4 of the kids out to the wheat field to get picts...last years were better, what can I say! But the subjects are always adorable!

Natalie and her wheat picture. It was storming off East so the color is very cool.

And here Mom, let me pose...like this!

Feeding the harvest crew inside my new ride....

And here is my new ride...you are all impressed and very jealous I know....Don't hate b/c she is beautiful!

Before I got my new ride, they ate picnic style...no matter what I feed the kids for supper, they would eat again with Daddy, so I just gave up and they ate sandwiches or a hot meal with them.

Love this picture...After dinner the kids would ride combines or tractors, once Jeremey had all 4 in there with him. I think its cute that Z-man is on the same step and looking the same way as his Daddy! I love the men in my life!!

Had to throw in this picture from Harvest 2008...I think it will have to be a yearly shot, but I bet next year E will be walking too.

I think this may be my favorite picture of harvest. Before he started cutting again Jeremey had to wipe the dust off his window.

Daddy and his tribe. Emalie has really become a Daddy's girl and rode with him every night, and would come off the combine with such a BIG GRIN! It was adorable. Notice Miss Natalie, legs crossed and all...she wore a dress and heels to the wheat field one night to ride. What a diva!!! Jeremey tries to tell me that he will have Abbey out in the field next year, honey we have lots of talking to do before then...she will ONLY be 9!!!! And then look at Zachery, can you tell how much he just HATES being out in the field??? Yeah, I thought you could!

Here is the littllest victim of harvest. I started making meals about 5 to get them to the field about 7. And most days that just would not do for Miss Em...she was hungry and tired and just wanted held by her momma. Moms, you can relate to this. Well I couldn't cook and hold her too, so on this evening she CRIED FOR 15 MINS straight until she just gave it up and fell asleep at my feet in front of the sink. And yes, I let her sleep there for about 45 minutes until I finished!!!

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