Monday, October 25, 2010

August and September rolls on through

I love our gk (Graves Kids) t-shirts again from  This was a cute pict that they hadn't taken before.  After all with 4 kids there are only so many in studio shots a one hour place can pose you in!
 Abbey, Natalie, Zachery and Emalie
 I love it when I ask what the kids want on their birthday cake and the answer is balloons!!!!  So happy that The Perfect Touch cake store is in Anthony!  What a treasure it is!
Can you believe that my baby has turned 3???  And is now in preschool 2 morns a week??  ME EITHER!
Where exactly did that time go and can I please have my memory of that lost time back please?

 Here are the big girls starting school.  Abbey is in 4th grade and Nat is in 1st grade. 
Miss Natalie turned 7 and got to go to BOSTON with Nana to the American Girl doll store!  She LOVED IT!!!!!!!!  She wanted a beach birthday cake...again simple and I had fun making it with the other 3 kids while she was gone.  They returned home on her birthday!  It was quite a treat!!!!

Speaking of Miss September we went to a truck show and the kids stayed with Nana and Papa.  They got to miss a day of school and were excited.  On that Sunday night she was getting ready for bed and the conversation went like this:
Nat:  Mom, have you ever loved someone so much you can hear their laugh in your head?  (holding her head low and fingers to her temple) Then looks at me.
Me: Well I love your daddy like that.  Do you think you love someone like that? 
Nat:  (Head bent down, low voice almost at a tremble)... The principal's son.
Me:  Well, lets just get out of 1st grade and see where this progresses?  Okay?
Nat:  Okay, but the whole time I was gone  I could just hear his laugh in my head, all day long and I just missed him.
Me:  Okay, baby, go to bed, Good night, I love you!!
Nat:  Love you too Mom.

I ask myself is it to early to build the convent next to the house???????????????  There will NEVER be a dull moment in our house!!!!!

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