Monday, October 18, 2010

Let's Dig In

Abbey the birthday girl in 3rd grade.

 Forgive me for the jumble of pictures just thrown in here willy-nilly!!!  I forget that I need to upload them backwards!
Celebrating her birthday at Nana's house.

Mother's day with Momma and her crew!  I LOVE THEM!!!

Zachery is my name and soccer is MY GAME!
Natalie's ballet outfit.

Natalie in her dance outfit

Abbey and Natalie on the last day of school

Abbey and her music project.  Jeremey and her made it together.
         This will be such a whirlwind to get you caught up in as little posts as possible.  And for as a Type A these posts are going to be all over the place chronologically.  But for now I will be happy that you will be up to date! Celebrating Easter in Wakita 

Daddy worked so the kids and mom went to the zoo on one of our spring break days.
Mom and Dad celebrated 40 years of marriage in February and we had the party in April!

Believe it or not this gets you caught up on March, April and most of May.  There is more still to come.  Stay tuned........

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