Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A very busy week!

Our cousin Riley made a quick visit to Anthony. What a great time for a quick picture!

Aunt Jannette made her famous sugar cookies and everyone loved them! Thank you for the Valentine's Day treat Aunt Jannette.

Tuesday Natalie went skating in Harper with Blessed Beginnings. She had a great time.

Lets see today is Tuesday, the sick bug has come to our house. I got to rest FOREVER on Sunday. Thanks Jeremey, Nana and Papa!!!! Emalie got a fever on Friday, with a runny nose, and slight cough. I think she is finally getting over it! She tried green beans, but felt so awful that I gave up and will try again later. Zachey got a runny nose and fever on Monday. But is better now.

Before she got sick Emalie and Zachery had some adorable bonding time. They really love each other. Zachery has taken to calling her Baby. He is johnny on the spot whenever she cries or needs anything. I think he would bring her the world if I asked him to.

Emalie and her big brother Zachery! They are so cute!!!

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Scrapbook Granny said...

Thanks so much for sharing your blog with me. I loved the pictures. What a GREAT family.