Saturday, February 16, 2008

Emalie is 6 months old!

How is is possible that 6 months has passed in a blink of an eye?

For any of you wondering about the green dress, well it was mine when I was a baby! Can you believe its 32 years old this March? Well thanks Mom for being a pack rat and keeping my outfit. So I have taken monthly picts of each girl on their "month" birthdays. I love it, that they are in the same fabric that I was as a baby!!!

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Skip, Stephanie, Emerald, & Calvin said...

So suprised to see your comment. Thanks! I didn't know about your site. Now I can keep up with your adorable family. Man I haven't seen you in forever. Maybe the next time we are in Belle Plaine we can meet you or something. It has been too long. Keep doing good things with those cute kids!