Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kansas Weather

Today it got up to a whopping 27 degrees and was very windy. Good thing the Tooth Fairy came the night before it got too cold. Abbey showed Jeremey her two dollars, "I got all this for just one little tooth." Too cute! The Tooth Fairy has adjusted for inflation over the last 25 years, I used to get 50 cents!
But with it being KS, yesterday was so nice, 60 degrees, still a bit windy but nice. We went outside to play, cousin Riley came over too. We are so blessed with such a great family!!
Miss Emalie just thought she was pretty big stuff being outside. She was taking it ALL in!!

Zachery is all boy! Here mom, have a stick! Or better yet, let me go around and hit the sidewalk with it to see if it breaks!

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