Friday, August 8, 2008

Ode To Emalie

My Baby Emalie!
You have made our family complete.
And we are so HAPPY that God choose us to be your parents.
I promise that your 1st year has just flown by.
My Baby isn't a baby anymore!
You were born at 1:21 pm on Papa Rich's birthday, August 8, 2007
You weighed 6 pounds and 2 ounces and were 17 inches long.
I took your monthly pictures in a green dress that I wore as a child.

What a big girl you are. You can stand by yourself and can take a couple of steps before you lean in to me.

You will always be my baby!


Scrapbook Granny said...

She is so cute. My how one year does fly when you look back a year. Yes she will always be your baby. My baby is now 34. Looking ahead is scary and some days can be long but when you look back on all the wonderful happy memories, time just flies.
I enjoy looking at your family pictures. I miss seeing you. Lets get together some time. Thanks for sharing.

pjcrc said...

Jessica--not that your Dad values my opinion but tell him to NEVER do the chin whiskers again! He looks 110. He is going to have gorgeous white hair and the mustache is handsome but the chin fuzz makes him look like an old hippie or the villian in some old movie!!Not very judge like. PJC