Friday, August 15, 2008

Things to do before school starts

I can't believe summer is offically over. Where did the time go? I am so very sad to see Abbey go to school and then Natalie in September!!!! My house is going to be so quiet! In lieu of the impending school year we took one more day of adventure to celebrate summer.
Zachery was enjoying the rides at Chuck E Cheese. The night before the girls stayed at Nana and Papa's house. I just love the freedom of summer. Now it is back to bedtimes and routines. (Okay so I like routines JUST A LITTLE BIT!!!!!)

We also made stepping stones for the yard. A cute little box made four 6inch stones. How perfect is that?
This is Natalie's heart.

Zachery and Emalie climbing. A side note, I think Emalie is going to be my climber. Even much more so than Zachery is. Papa stopped by to take a ride on the Merry Go Round...
and to do some serious walking with Emalie.

gk....graves kids. I just love these shirts.

Look at Emalie's top two teeth! They come down more everyday.

Playing in the sand.

Riding the small merry go round.

Emalie would like to be released from Natalie.

My big girl!

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This Aldridge Family said...

Whew- I had a lot of pics to catch up on since the last time I looked! Love the gk shirts- very cute! Em's fairy dress is adorable! Abbey looks like such a big girl going to 2nd grade! What a sweet big sister you are to put Justy's pic up there! Love you!