Thursday, October 9, 2008

Recent pictures

It has been a calm but steadily busy 3 weeks at our house. Both girls are enrolled in dance and Natalie is in gymnastics. That takes up our Mondays after school. Abbey does eye improvement lessons MWF after school so my calendar (and role of taxi drive) is full.
Jeremey started planting wheat on the 1st, but was rained out on the 6th. They got back in the field yesterday and barring any more rain they should be done by the 19th. Our weekends are filling up so quickly as the holidays approach. We are even starting to make Christmas plans!
Zachery diggin inside the house outside. We have had this pop up house since Abbey was little and they all love it. Even Max!

Emalie has just BARELY enough hair for a pot knot on the top of her head. It didn't stay in very long. She worked on it until she pulled it out. And she is a full time walker now.

Here I come mom!
October is Fire Safety month. The fire dept. came to preschool yesterday to talk to the kids. Any questions about fire, just ask Natalie she will tell you. She even has book to show you what she knows! The kids get asked questions at preshcool and this week they asked what to do in a fire. Our Natalie said, "stop, drop and roll and then call Farmer's Oil" I guess she wants to make sure Daddy knows too! Zachery, Natalie and I rode the fire trucks around town too.

Emalie was not afraid of the firemen. She was more afraid of the preschoolers trying to mother her. I guess she thought the firemen would give her some space!

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