Friday, October 17, 2008

What I should be doing

What I should be doing while Emalie is sleeping and the kids are playing outside. It's 70 out! Love the beautiful weather. The girls and I played outside after lunch while Daddy and Zachery bonded at Farmer's Oil. Daddy and the big girls bonded this morning and then ate lunch together. I must say that Jeremey is a pretty cool Dad! Not too mention pretty cute! AUUGGH my children will say when they read this post in the years to come! But I regress....
What I should be doing: making 8 piecrusts for Wakita's Turkey Dinner on the 2nd of November, taking CM inventory, bringing my CM quickbooks up to date. Doing bank paperwork, cleaning the house, folding clothes, picking up toys.
BUt instead I am taking a moment to blog. I had one picture that I was waiting to post when I just had a minute so here it is. I got this necklace a couple months ago from a company called Birth Designs. I have created a name for Jeremy and the kids: janze. Went all out with tshirts, license plates and now jewelry. janze stands for: Jeremey Abbey Natalie Zachery Emalie. I just think that is so clever!!
Okay, now I have to go fold laundry. Have a great weekend!