Sunday, May 10, 2009

Grandpa Brown

Shortly after Easter on April 17th, Grandpa Brown left this world to be in a much better place with Grandma Brown. We are so sad that he is no longer with us, but celebrate and are happy that Grandpa and Grandma are finally reunited. We will miss him SO MUCH!!!

Grandpa Brown on his day of retirement from Farmer's Oil!

Grandpa and the kiddos at Christmas time.

My little Boy Scout...Jeremey with Grandma and Grandpa

Abbey and Grandpa...I really love this picture. Grandpa just loved us SO MUCH!!! He was always so happy to see us and we loved his company. My favorite memory of him is just this last winter the kids and I were going to Subway to eat lunch. I just called him up, asked him if he had his shoes on, he said yes, and I asked if he had eaten any supper, he said no, and I told him we would be by in just a few minutes to pick him up! He was such a good sport about it, and I loved just watching him interact with the kids that night. I did call the girls to let them know we took him to supper, because a few weeks before that we went for a pop and a drive and Grandpa and I didn't let anyone know, and they were looking for him!!!

Two days after his funeral I went up to Abbey's room and found this taped to her bed. It is a letter that she wrote to Grandpa. What a heart that kid has! Fair warning Brown family~get a kleenex!

It reads:
Bill Brown was a great guy. He was there for me. I love you Bill Brown you are in my heart Bill Brown. I know you can see Jesus. I know you can have a new home. You can be happy too. I will miss you Bill Brown.

I don't thin an adult could have said it better!

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This Aldridge Family said...

What a big heart Miss Abbey has...bigger than some adults I've come across...what a great Mom she has to teach her compassion! Love you!