Thursday, May 28, 2009

Odds and Ends in May

Dad was here for lunch, Emalie was fussy and walked over to him. He picked her up and within 3 minutes she was asleep!

The Girls had their first dance competition in Wichita..they both did great!

Zachery got to see the basket of the hot air balloon during Balloon Fest, Pam (from CM) and the POW balloons showed him what the balloons looked like on her shirt.

Sometimes a girl can't have enough babies!

The Bucket List rolled back into Anthony to get cleaned up for it 2nd truck show. It got first place! The kids LOVE to go see the truck whenever it is in town!!

Natalie ready to take driving lessons.

Abbey and Emalie making themselves at home in the sleeper.

They all love this cargo door!

A MAN among MEN!!!! Uncle Aaron, Zachery, Jeremey and John Logan.

I am famous! Made the Dillons flyer. (and radio spot and commercial)!

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used bucket trucks said...

Great pictures.. Cutie kids.. :)