Thursday, May 28, 2009

I didn't know there were so many things to do in MAY

Jeremey had the 1st weekend off in May and for ONCE since last NOVEMBER!!! we didn't have anything to do, no place to be sooo....we left!!! Jeremey is NOT a homebody and likes to be on the MOVE!!!! On Saturday we loaded up the kids and drove to the Alabaster Caverns then on Sunday we went to the Salt Plains after church. We really liked Oklahoma that weekend!Jeremey and his little diggers! We came home with LOTS of salt crystals. It had rained quite a bit so it was easy to get to them.
Emalie and her bucket full. It was really windy there suprisingly so.

Love this picture of Jeremey and the kids!

On the way back from the Caverns we stopped at the free water well and each kid got to drink!

It was a super weekend full of travel and spontaneity! Which we all know is NOT one of my strong suits but I did survive, had fun and got to take lots of pictures!

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