Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happenings in April

Today is tax day. I hope you got your checks in the mail to good ol' Uncle Sam. I am sure that your thank you letter from him is in the mail! Abbey is still playing soccer until the 19th of April and practicing 2x a week. She would still prefer to go to the shop with her Dad on Sat. mornings or ride horses with Uncle Dick. Miss Natalie is just as much of a character as always. Her mind is a steel trap I tell you. And she loves to tell stories. Zachery is our tractor man. He rode a combine with Daddy and the girls yesterday and went to the farm to haul cows with Grandpa Ray today. He always wants to go places, and doesn't want to come home. On a great note, he is now on the downhill slide of his cold. I am so happy!!! On a not so great note, Emalie has found it. She just started yesterday, and I am sure it will get worse in the following days. Who needs sleep anyway? It is SO overrateed!!!! Emalie is now 8 months old. Zachery is so used to taking these picts with her that he just jumps right in the chair, pats the cushion and says, "Baby". Telling me to hurry up and put her next to him.
Emalie also found a new smile. She smiles so big her little cheeks squish her eyes shut and then she crunches her nose and huffs. ADORABLE!
I gave all four of them a bath and the 2 little ones got out first. Blessings abound in our home.
Jeremey came back from Sun and Fun and brought the 3 big kids headphones for the airplane. Our future pilot Abbey is modeling them here.
We cooked at Mimi's house, using flour. Are you suprised that Natalie ate it off the counter? I didn't think you would be!

Our Official Family tooth puller made a house call to pull Abbey's 2nd tooth! Thank you Uncle Dick!
Even a bigger gap in her pretty smile!

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