Sunday, April 6, 2008

End of March

As I look through the pictures of March it is hard to believe how fast the month went. We have done so many things in 31 short days. As a child days, months and years would just drag out and now as an adult time slips through my hands every day. How can we already have 4 kids? Aren't Jeremey and I still 18? I feel now there is not enough hours in the day! Back to the pictures, I can't post every one that I take so I like to go back through the month and find some that I haven't already added. I hope there aren't too many repeats.
Zachery is such a boy. He was outside playing and I looked at him and saw this face. He was digging around in our chimanea got soot everywhere. But he had such a fun time doing it!
Here is our Emalie enjoying her swing. She just giggled when she got put in it.
Past, Present, Future....Abbey got the ride the Blessed Beginnings bus again, Natalie rides in now, and in 2 years Zachery will be riding it. On this day it took them all to Janell's house. Natalie was thrilled to share the ride and Zachery thought he was pretty big stuff. Not to mention Abbey being the oldest one on the entire bus!

Here the kids are decorating for Easter. All you have to do is tell Zachery cheese and this is his response. He is getting real good at it, today I just pointed the camera at him and he did it!
Abbey and Papa early March over at their house.
Abbey and Emalie waiting for the school bus to come.
I think this picture of Natalie shows her personality really well. She is such a CHARACTER. Up, Down and All Around, most of the day long.
When babies can't poop we give them prune juice. Emalie tried it in a bottle, got just a couple of swigs from it but mostly just chewed on it. After prune juice doesn't work it is on to a suppository. Guess what She Pooped. It was very big news in our house. Our little baby Loves big people food. I have over bought on the runny baby food!

Zachery is just the cutest little boy that I have!!!!
Can you see that tongue? She is definately related to Aunt Julie, they can both twist their tongues, me I wasn't blessed with that talent.
This just makes me laugh! If you ever have a bad day, just come back to this picture!
Super Star!!! Natalie was dancing around saying "watch me"
And the Other Mother! Abbey Loves to be in charge of Emalie, and especially when there is a stroller involved.

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