Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More of April

I feel like Ihave been such a slacker blogger!!! How can it be that 2 weeks have gone by without anything new posted....Wait let me see, Abbey, Natalie, Zachery and Emalie. Oh those are very good reasons! You will read this in reverse order sorry, but my brain is not functioning at its peak right now. The lack of sleep does funny things to your mind, very scary!! April has been very busy. We have had soccer games, practices, music concerts, I hosted National Scrapbook Day with another consultant in town, Jeremey has been flying all around the country, FL, TX, KY, back to TX. It is always glad to have him home! Getting ready for 2 zoo trips in 2 days. Oh, and it has been SO NICE here that we have been spending a lot of time OUTSIDE!! Two cheers for spring! Zachery pushing his airplane, look, GREEN grass (weeds). Dad, someday I will have real grass, not just the stuff that "comes up"

I love this picture of Emalie. I am sitting behind her so I didn't see her face until I looked at the picts inside. How cute it that tongue?

Abbey is out helping take care of Emalie, and making sure that Katrina the cat stays out of our picnic snacks.

And our in-home princess Natalie looking pretty as always. She loves this shirt. It says "will trade brother for puppy"

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