Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flurry of Activity

Monday Jeremey and Zachery drove the new truck to Joplin. Drove to Grand Lake with Papa and spent the night. Tuesday morning got up early and went back to Joplin to watch a show called Modern Marvels film the "Bucket List" and Diggers truck he drives now. I fly to Joplin Tuesday afternoon. Talked to Zachery in the airport and loved on him a little bit. Then Papa and Zachery flew back home. Jeremey and I went back to 4 State trucks a.k.a. The Chrome Shop Mafia and watched more filming. When they were done Jeremey and I ate supper and I officially began trucking at 7:15. I crawled back in the cab about midnight. When I woke up at 3:15 we were in Evansville, IN. We slept in the truck til about 9 then headed to Owensboro, KY. Had the paint guys look at the truck and we talked about paint schemes. Found out our ride home was screwed up and then proceeded to find a way back home. Ate lunch, drove the truck to Lewisport, KY. More truck discussion. Went to Tell City to eat supper, Clay arrived in Owensboro about 10:30 Wednesday night. Went to get a hotel room THEY WERE SOLD OUT IN 3 DIFFERENT CITIES!!!!! Because of the bad ice storm they had last week. So we started to fly home. At 1:45 this morning we landed in Springfield, MO. Got to our rooms and were asleep by 3 AM!!! Checked out of our hotel by noon, lunch plane ride home. Arrived in Anthony about 3:15. So happy to be home. I told Jeremey that it is pretty sad that most of our one-on-one time, nobody but us time, can talk about anything we want to without interuption time, quiet time to bond~was spent asleep!

You know what they say if you want to see God laugh, just tell him YOUR plans. I was reminded once again that HE is in charge. And I went with it and survived. But not without 1 or 2 little meltdowns! We are both happy to be home. Missed the kids. Thanks to Nana, Papa and Sue for taking such good care of them, especially when 1/2 of them were sick!

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Skip, Stephanie, Emerald, Calvin, & Zachary said...

Now doesn't that sound like fun! Congrats on your new baby! She's a beauty!