Saturday, February 21, 2009

Have You???

Thanked You Mom today?

Become addicted to blogging? Yes, Yes I have!

Thought about what technology is doing to the future?
I saw these three cartoons in last weeks Wichita Eagle while I was doing the crosswords. (its one of my relaxing moment when I can find it) This week I happened to have the chance to work on it while rescuing cats from under the deck, two days in a row. Two boards, two days. If I was going to get to weld a hammer I wish I could have at have at least built something! Okay back to the cartoons. I saw these and it made me laugh out and I immediately wanted to share them!

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Scrapbook Granny said...

Love your new family picture. Jessica I have not seen you for so long but looks like part of you disappeared. Miss you.