Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Bucket List

Introducing...Bucket List
Jeremey has a list: I haven't seen all of the list, but he watched the movie "The Bucket List" and decided that he too should have a list. No he does not have an illiness just thought he should start his list. The first thing he got from his list is a 379 Legacy Peterbuilt. He named her "Bucket List" and let me tell you she is a beauty. It was very hard for ME to leave her in KY. But she has to be there there to get ready for the Louisville Truck Show in March.

My Trucker

This is the picture from my phone. Double click and it should go bigger.
It's amazing all the bells and whistle on her. 3 TV screens, the big fender in the front lifts up when you drive so it doesn't hit things. The tool box and hood are on lifts. The stacks are ginormous. It has an awesome stereo system. Two shifters. Custom seats, painted floor boards. IT'S AWESOME!!! I too fell in love!

The Trucker and His Woman

The Chrome Shop Mafia customized the truck for the man we bought the truck from.

I thought that this was so nice of Jeremey to put on the truck. I heard him tell somebody what it meant and that he put it there because "all this is for them"

Inside of the truck~Its SWEET!

Digger, Byran from Chrome Shop Mafia, Jeremey and Zachery

Digger and Jeremey and Digger's truck and trailer that he pulls now.

Digger will be driving "Bucket List" after the truck show.

Miking Digger up for his interview for Modern Marvels. It should air in 4-5 months. They talked to Digger for about 2 hours and even rode with him.

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Tami said...

You're not kidding . . . SWEET truck! Enjoyed the blog.

Digger's Daughter,