Thursday, February 19, 2009

Odds and Ends

Look what I got for Valentine's Day. It's my first piece of chrome!!!! Jeremey crafted the vase by attaching two pieces of chrome tire covers and attaching Peterbuilt logos to it. He then took it to the flower shop and gave it to them. "What are we supposed to do with this?" Jeremey told them to fill it with flowers! Did they ever. I was so shocked to see it when I walked in my front door. HE DID GOOD! AND I got a card with a handwritten note!

The girls had Valentine's Day parties at their schools. In the morning I had put treat bags in Abbey's bag and told her to pass them out at party time
(insert very whiny voice from Abbey) "You aren't coming to my party today? oh please I want you there"
Mom dumbfounded "No honey I wasn't planning on coming"
whiny voice from Natalie with a bit more volume "You aren't coming to my Valentine's day party??? But I want to come to my party!!!!"
Mom (how could I ever dream of missing a class party) "Yes I will be at both of your parties"

Miss Abbey at her Valentine's day party.

Miss Natalie and Miss Connie at Valentine's party.

They were both very happy to see me at their parties. That night all 4 were on a sugar high. Who am I kidding? They snuck candy until they had it all eaten by Sunday night!

Miss Emalie and Abbey enjoying a treat.

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