Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Its March!

Okay let me just start by saying that March is my all time favorite month because it is my Birthday month. And so for all of March, I look forward to the 24th!!!!! But also it is Spring. I Love spring! I already have Naked Ladies and daffodils starting to come up, and I am starting to see the subtle hints of green grass (weeds) in my yard!!!! And the kids get to GO OUTSIDE!!!! Now on to the best part of my blog, the pictures:

Let me preface this picture by first saying the Zachery thinks he should be able to do ANYTHING that the big girls get to do. SO they got to be in tuts and dance ballet, he gets to do it too. He just had to improvise on the costume.

And Emalie is all smiles, but she can not wait until she gets to run around too.

OUTSIDE!! AES installed new playground equipment and the kids went to play on it on March 1st. It was a bit windy, but when does that ever stop kids from enjoying OUTSIDE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Abbey and Natalie!!!

Zachery is such a little daredevil. Of course going down a big twirly side is fun!

Just blowin' in the breeze. Abbey hollered at Sue, Look at ME! She had no idea she was upside down.
That's my boy! Cheese!
Such a great picture of Natalie, she is such a jewel in our family crown.

Here are the "big ones" I can't believe they took 5 seconds to get their picture taken.

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