Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let's finish up February

I finally remembered how to upload lots of pictures in one blog, so be prepared to see many on this one. I had to put lots on here to finish up Febrary. Just wait til March!
I have come to the conclusion that right now Emalie gets most of the picts taken of her. So much for the last baby syndrome. One of her biggest fans is of course her big brother Zachery! They got to take their first bath together in February. He thought he was big stuff to help give her a bath. And I have created a monster! Now everytime she gets a bath, it is hard to keep him out. Boy does he love his little sister!
Natalie and her little sister. Natalie loves to hold Emalie, but you need to be ready, sometimes it doesn't last very long and you better be there to take Emalie, because when Natalie is done, she is DONE, and I mean NOW.

Miss Emalie is trying new foods all the time. This is her first biter bisquit. I think that I started to late on her foods, and that I overbought on stage 1, but she will just have to eat quickly to get to the thicker foods. She now eats 3 meals a day and still nurses, where has the time gone?

Just a 'Swingin' We had such a beautiful day towards the end of this month that the kids got to play outside. I love this picture of Zachery. He enjoys life SO MUCH. And he loves to swing!!

Big girl Emalie likes to swing too! This is one of her very first times in the swing. She wasn't to sure of it at first, but I think she is going to really like it!

For Abbey's special day she wanted to take a semi, I thought, okay she can take one of Zachery's toy semis. Well she had other ideas. Her Daddy brought one of Papa's semis for her special day. I think the class always looks forward to see what she is going to bring!
Her entire class got into the back of the semi-18 little kindergarten and 1st graders!

More ice cream pictures!

Strawberries anyone?

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