Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Babies

I was making supper the other night and had Emalie sitting on the floor because she was getting fussy in her highchair, and oh she sits up all by herself!! and for a long period of time too. So Zachery sat down behind her and started playing, Natalie walks throught the kitchen and says, oh a train, choo, choo, and she sits down behind Zachery. I holler at Abbey to come real quick because they are in birth order, my babies is birth order, and I didn't pose them! I don't think that has EVER happened before! So here is one of my new favorite pictures of MY BABIES! Abbey will be 7 in May, Natalie is 4, Zachery is 2 and Emalie is almost 7 months!


Skip, Stephanie, Emerald, & Calvin said...

What an awesome picture! I can totally appreciate that you can get one kid to look at the camera and smile, let alone all 4! And in birth order, how fantastic! You have to have that one blown up and hung on your wall! I loved the new updates. I am trying to do the same, but time, time, time.

Barry, Megan, Jonathan, Joshua & Zachary Welch said...

To cute! They look like they have lots of fun together.