Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break

Did you know that Jesus rose from the tomb in Missouri? We went to the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthridge and they have a tomb to symbolize Jesus' resurection. Natalie saw it and said, Look, Jesus' tomb! We are very blessed that our children know the story of Jesus!
Mom and the kids
Miss Natalie looking looking towards the tomb.
Abbey looks like she is very deep in thought. She was so sweet, the chapel has lots of angels painted in it and she got very sad b/c some of the angels were children. She was sad for the children that had died and for their families. We are blessed to have such a caring child!
What a cutie!
Riley and Aunt Nae. Check out those ran boots, FYI you can't run well in rain boots!

Dipping a hand into the wishing well
Zachery decided to keep his money instead of tossing it into the water.
Mom and EmalieNatalie, Zachery, Abbey and Riley, looking at a flooded river!
Kissing cousins!
Abbey and Zachery posing!
The wishing well
Mom and her babies! You get to see this pictures twice!

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